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There’s nothing like proposal season! I was so excited when Dalton reached out to me about a San Francisco proposal. Leading up to the day the Bay Area had been experiencing some CRAZY rain storms. More than I have probably ever experienced while living here. Which has been essentially my whole life.

Dalton and Makenzi were visiting from Florida and though we didn’t have our usually sunny weather. They definitely got to experience the moody foggy weather that San Francisco and the Bay Area is know for.

couple at the golden gate bridge

Dalton reached to me a few months before their visit. And he wanted few of the Golden Gate Bridge which is always one of my favorites. So, I sent him some suggestions and we decided on Fort Point. The original spot that we had in mind was a little closer to the bridge. But, due to all the storms the road that gets you to fort point was closed. So, we did a quick reroute a little further back and thank goodness it all worked out.

couple in san francisco golden gate bridge

man about to proposal

fort point san francisco proposal

fort point san francisco proposal

man putting engagement ring on

One of my biggest fears with proposal is being in the wrong place when it happens. I always send a aerial view with clear directions on where I’ll be and where they should be. But, the quick change of plans was a little stressful. Thankfully, it all worked out. And of course she said YES! Which is always the goal.

fort point san francisco proposal

couple celebrating proposal

I truly wish there was a sure fire was to know about fog and visibility. As I continue to live in the Bay(Oakland) I’ve gotten to know the seasons well. And the best season for views of the bridge ultimately depends on the day. But, I would say that actually surprisingly the worst season for view is summer!

Summer is sunny and warm pretty much everywhere. But, not here in the Bay. We have what you call an Indian summer. Which is just a late summer that really doesn’t kick in until August through early November. Falls here are absolutely beautiful and are basically the most perfect weather.

So, if you have get a choice and have some flexiblity and want those super golden sunset think about September/October. Also in the winter and spring time right after storms the next few days are super clear with lots of visbility.

san francisco proposal


“Torez was amazing! I was planning a surprise engagement in San Francisco all the way from Florida and Torez made the planning process fun and efficient. She took my imagination and planned a fluent photography session to capture the moment. Even with us fighting against rain, Torez remained flexible and helped develop a backup plan. I couldn’t recommend her more, thank you Torez!”

-Dalton & Makenzi

san francisco engagement

couple kissing in san francisco

This San Francisco proposal with Dalton and Makenzie was so fun! They were incredibly kind and easy to work with. I love getting pictures with any view of the bridge. Most importantly the rain held off all weekend so they could enjoy their weekend away and celebrate their proposal!

couple kissing in front of the golden gate bridge

couple snuggling in San Francisco

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