Almond Blossoms Photoshoot | Natalia, Juan Pablo & Rex


This was my first year getting hosting Almond Blossom mini sessions. And there were a couple of hiccups but overall it went AMAZING! And this almond blossom photoshoot was so fun with Natalia, Juan Pablo, and Rex. I’m sure you can tell that Rex is an absolute STAR! He did amazing and it’s literally my favorite when couples include their fur babies.

I love having mini sessions. They’re super quick fun and perfect for families with kids and fur babies! A mini session is a quick + cute photo session, and is perfect if you just want a handful of photos, have a tight budget, or little’s who won’t sit for too long! Trust me I get it – life has been crazy this year. 

couple with dog during their almond blossom photoshoot

couple laughing during their mini session

Golden R Ranch in Tracey/Stockton area is so kind to let photographers on their working farm. There was a small mix up with another photographer. But, in the end my clients still got some amazing photos and I can’t wait till next year.

almond blossom photoshoot

almond blossom photoshoot

almond blossom photoshoot

everyone smiling during almond blossom photoshoot

couple walking in almond blossoms

If you’re on the fence, wondering if a mini session is the right fit for you, I got your back.

A mini session is the perfect fit if:

  1. You just want a handful of good photos, your frames need a refresh
  2. You have a shorter wish list of photos
  3. You are willing to go with the flow of a fast-paced time slot
  4. You have a budget, but still value professional photography!

Mini sessions may be short and sweet, but we make sure to still treat every client like they are paying for a full session.

You’re getting the same experience, just in a shorter amount of time!

Here are a few ideas for your mini session:

  • Celebrate an upcoming anniversary with your hunny
  • Document your family, you never want to forget what it was like to have littles (especially during a crazy time)
  • Special occasions like pregnancies, proposals, and engagements
couple running through almond blossoms

couple running with dog

How to Prepare for your Almond Blossom Photoshoot

  1. The blossoms turn into almonds, so please do not pull on the tree or step on the irrigation system.
  2. Please remember that it’s pollination season, so there will be bees 🐝 doin’ their thing. There was a general buzzing I heard from the bees but overall. They didn’t bother us and we didn’t bother them!
  3. Remember these are working farms! And they are being so kind as to allow you on their private property so be respectful and leave after your photos.
  4. Since most of the farms are working farms it may be wet and muddy. So, you might want to bring a change of shoes to walk to the row.

almond blossom photoshoot

almond blossom photoshoot family photo

couple engagement photos

couple smiling

couple kissing almond blossom photoshoot

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