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Mayra and Felix met what I feel like is now considered the “old-fashioned way” – online. They both live and love San Francisco. And so, it was only natural that they would want to have an Alamo Square wedding. Since it is only down the street from the place they call home and in their favorite city!

Combining cultures is never easy and between the two of them they speak 3 languages. German, English, and Spanish. Both of their families came together to celebrate this special day when they signed their marriage license and had a city hall elopement among their closest friends and family. They plan on having a bigger wedding in Mexico later but still wanted to document and celebrate this next chapter right from the beginning.

San Francisco City Hall

couple getting married at sf city hall

san francisco city hall wedding

san francisco city hall elopement

couple exchanging ring during civil ceremony

civil ceremony san francisco city hall

sf city hall wedding

first kissing after getting married

couple after sf city hall wedding

couple looking at each other in sf city hall

Civil ceremony at San Francisco City Hall are always short and sweet. But, we definitely try to make the most of our time there. Mayra and Felix wanted some quick photos around city hall before heading over to their Alamo Square wedding. So, that’s exactly what we did.

group photo in sf city hall

Thankfully, the Justice of the Peace was very kind and let this whole group watch the civil ceremony. If you don’t already know civil ceremonies at San Francisco City Hall really only allow 6 people including your photographer. So, if you have a bigger group I would definitely recommend booking a hour ceremony to prevent any stress. Or having to pick the 6 people on the spot.

bride hugging dad after wedding

bride hugging groom's mom after getting married

group photo after sf city hall elopement

bride with siblings

bride and groom kissing sf city hall

bride and groom walking 4th floor sf city hall

bride and groom kissing

bride and groom in sf city hall

couple walking out of san francisco hall after wedding

That just married at San Francisco City Hall feeling is absolutely indescribable. Mayra and Felix were sooo pumped. And this is truly one of my favorite photos to capture for couples! I always turn it into a cute gif which is so fun and everyone loves!

couple kissing outside of san francisco city hall

couple at san francisco city hall

Alamo Square Wedding

couple popping champagne at alamo square san francisco

I don’t think we could have asked for better weather! This Alamo Square wedding was absolutely perfect!

couple popping champagne at alamo square sf

bride and groom pouring champagne

bride and groom passing out champagne

wedding reception at alamo square sf

bride and groom toasting

father of the groom speech

It was so heart warming to see both of the dads write and give speeches. Felixes’ dad even said his speech in all 3 languages!

bride and groom listening to groom's father

drinking champagne after toast
alamo square wedding

bride and groom kissing alamo square wedding san francisco

Alamo Square is most notably known for having the Painted Ladies. The Painted Ladies are more informally known as the Full House houses. And I recently even saw that the owner of the blue house offers daily tours every hour on the hour. So, maybe next time you’re in town don’t be afraid to check it out! Blue Painted Lady House Tour

wedding reception alamo square

bride and groom facetiming friend

bride smiling

alamo square wedding in san francisco

bride and groom kissing at alamo square wedding

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