I'm Torez! but since there’s a 99% chance you’ll ask if it’s pronounced tor-ez or ter-es (either way is fine btw) you can just call me T! The bay area will always be my home and I'm Cali born and raised! I was born and raised by a single parent and so family means absolutely everything thing to me. They are literally my biggest supporters and ultimate hype crew. 

 I frickin' love to exercise, eat good food, and travel! Corepower yoga, Soulcycle, and just going on a good jog are some of my favs! Carbs are literally my love language and I will eat a cupcake at any time of the day! I’ve also been known to eat a pint of ice cream in a night… And I am always always ALWAYS down for a good adventure. 

I want to make sure you get some bomb a** photos to post all over your IG. That you feel like a freaking model with your bae. And that honestly you just have a good a** time. I know getting in front of a camera can feel weird and awkward and you're like what the hell do I do with my hands. But, seriously I'll be there to make you laugh, guide you through the process and tell you where you can put your hand (*hint hint da booty). 

I love LOVE. As corny as that sounds. I’m a hopeless romantic at heart. And I literally cry at every single wedding I go to. Yea, I’m that girl. Whether it’s the vows, speeches, or just the way one person looks at another literally every single time! You should’ve seen me at my sister’s wedding I was a mess.....

I'd love to tell your story and all the quirky in between moments that make you YOU!

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you'd know that the beach and I literally mean any beach is my happy place. I could seriously sit, stare at, and just be by the ocean all day.

you'd know that part of the reason I went to school in upstate NY was because I was recruited for soccer. I went to The College of Saint Rose in Albany and my freshman year we went all the way to the final four of the NCAA tournament in Louisville, Kentucky. We lost after double overtime and penalty kicks. Still a bit salty but it’s fine.....

you'd know that I’m the youngest of three. I have two older sisters that are 9 and 7 years older than me. I always joke with them that I’m the favorite because I was planned for. 

you'd know that frickin love to workout out! I am not myself if I'm not working out. You can catch me at Corepower, Soulcycle, on a run, or at the gym! I'm one of those people that needs to close the activity rings on the apple watch......

you'd know that I watch Grey's Anatomy religiously along with any spin off so like Private Practice and Station 19. I seriously love watching medical dramas! You could say, Thrusday nights are reserrrved. 

you'd know that elephants are my FAVORITE animal and have been since I was little. Like there are some people that just say that but no like I literally have a necklace, mugs, blankets, and people buy figures of them for me from all around the world. I even have an ice cube tray. 

you'd know that I'm a dog person. Sorry not sorry. I do have a cat though and love all animals. 

This is Tres she's technically my sister's dog....and I swear she's a bundle of love and not as sassy as shown in this picture!

you'd know that I'm a hard core tea person. 99.9% it's always iced and about 25% of the time there's boba in it.

you'd know I'm always 1000% down for a good burger and fries. And wine ALWAYS down for wine.

you'd know I've become allergic to shellfish but LOVE California rolls. And still eat them from time to time with Benadryl and epipens on standby. Sometime you just gotta do what you gotta do!

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