Joshua Tree Photographer || Lena + Ian

Joshua Tree Photographer || Lena + Ian


Every time I make it down to Joshua Tree. I am so stunning and so thankful that I can be a Joshua Tree photographer. It’s an absolutely beautiful landscape and not in the traditional sense. Lena and Ian were absolutely adorable during this session and I loved getting the chance to work with them.

They recently found out they were expecting and these are the last photos of them other than their maternity photos.

Being a Joshua tree photographer presents its own challenges and rewards. A desert is a rough place. This weekend caught us in the middle of a wind storm and freezing temperatures not what you would expect from Joshua Tree at the end of March. Not the warm and toasty “vacation” weather I was hoping for. But, nonetheless, all of the couples I had the opportunity to photograph were absolutely amazing. Powered through the weather and made it all an unforgettable trip.

From Joshua Tree National Park to Palm Springs and everything in between it was absolutely amazing trip and I can’t wait to get back down there and explore and photograph even more.

Joshua Tree has been on my bucket-list for a while especially as I focus more of my travel on the US especially California. Joshua Tree National Park is one of seven national parks located in California. And if you didn’t already know California actually has the most national parks of almost every other state and has the most diverse landscape.

I mean when you really think about it the Bay Area itself is in a prime location just 3 hours from the mountains, Lake Tahoe, 3 hours from the beaches, Santa Cruz and Big Sur, and hosts some of the biggest tech companies on the globe. You certainly get what you pay for.

I love being a Joshua Tree photographer when I get to travel to southern California! Want to see some of my other work in Joshua Tree? Check out this Joshua Tree Wedding. Maybe looking for a little more retro? What about this Palm Springs pretty in pink session!

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