SF City Hall 4th Floor North Gallery Wedding | Ale & Hanson


Ale and Hanson met the new-age way – online. On their first date, it felt like forever and the rest has pretty much been history since. They decided to tie the knot at the ever-iconic SF City Hall before some bigger nuptials next year and the day was perfect beginning to end.

Hanson proposed the in the most them way possible. Ale says it was “a perfect description of us and what we have. Sweet, natural, and just the two of us. Nothing was set up; he just chose a day we were having a great time.”

Love at First Date

Ale says they met during the pandemic on Hinge. “We had our first date in Lake Merrit and we ended up spending the whole day together, and after that first date, we just continued seeing each other. He didn’t feel like a stranger to me. I’m a very anxious person and he has this very calm and loving personality that makes me feel safe and it’s been like that since the first time we met.“

Hanson said they had our first date at Lake Merritt in Oakland. “She was so easy to talk to and be around, we spent the whole day together.”

During their time together they did everything from live 2,000 miles apart to different countries and everything in between. They are incredibly happy and excited to call San Francisco home. Hanson is Bay Area born and raised while Ale was born in Mexico City and came to the US for school.

Ale’s whole family came to the US for the week to celebrate with her and we definitely made sure to get lots of photos of everyone celebrating. 

Quick Tips for Your SF City Hall Wedding

  1. Always try to book the first or last ceremony of the day. That’s when the fewest amount of people are in City Hall.
  2. Definitely opt for the 1 hr ceremony. That way you won’t have to worry about cutting your guest list to just 6.
  3.  Budget at least 2 hours at SF City Hall for photos sometimes even longer. There can be lots of people around and you won’t want to feel rushed taking your wedding photos.

We adventured around SF City Hall getting photos at all the iconic places the grand staircase, elevators, and the 4th floor. The film photos and the colors they capture on some of my favorite ever and really speak to the elegant vibe in SF City Hall.

Hair and Makeup – Hues of Glam
Florals – Hidden Bontanics
Venue – San Francisco City Hall

Meet Your SF City Hall Wedding Photographer

San Francisco City Hall photographer Torez Marguerite.

Looking for your San Francisco City Hall wedding photographer?! Well, let me introduce myself.

Hi, I’m Torez! And I specialize in transforming what some might call a ‘simple ceremony’ into an extraordinary, deeply meaningful celebration of your love story. 

Say “goodbye” to doubts and “hello” to a day filled with passion, personal touches, and timeless photographs that you’ll treasure for a lifetime. Let’s make your City Hall wedding not just an occasion, but the joyous, fun-filled event you’ve always dreamt of. Ready to start the journey? Scroll down to find out how we can create magic together.

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