THe Experience

THe Experience

Taking pictures doesn’t have to be scary.

Stepping in front of the camera is never easy. I’m literally a photographer and still get nervous and feel awkward when taking photos! But, don’t you worry because we’re gonna make sure you look fly AF. Whether you’re dragging your significant other along or they are coming willingly I’ll make sure both of you feel comfortable and don’t look stiff. Feel free to tell me whether you’re a beer or wine couple and I may or may not bring some cold ones (unless it’s red) to drink which will definitely put everyone at ease. We’ll walk around bumming hips and “pretending” to drunk walk through a field because even though it sounds stupid that’s how I get those perfectly “candid” photos. 

I like to keep it simple. Once you’re booked, I’ll send you a questionnaire so I can get to know you and you’re boo thang a whole lot better. Feel free to ask me any questions about locations, outfits, hair, makeup, or the music we can jam too. (Don’t worry I have a whole guide that goes over this stuff too - if your like wtf is this girl talking about.) I’ll check in periodically to make sure you’re good, are caught up on the latest Bachelor episode, and if you have any questions for me. I’ll get that numba and we’ll coordinate the week before to make sure the time and place are still a go. We’ll meet on the day of your session hang out, drink, snap some photos, and probably get a little weird. But, you’ll 100% walk away knowing these photos are about to be FIRE.

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Tell me like it is - Fill out my inquiry form and I’ll get back to you within a day I'll get back to you (typically sooner) and we’ll go from there.

You’re booked! HOLLAA!- It’s only $1000 to lock in your wedding date and once the proposal is signed and paid I’m all yours - let’s pop a bottle

Let’s be besties over on Instagram follow me @torezmaguerite so I can stalk you….. I mean stay updated on your life. Please send me all the memes, cute dog pics, and whatever dance is now trending on TikTok.

Fast forward to your wedding day - I’ll capture your day and all its craziness and then we’ll f it up on the dance floor. LEGGO!

 How This Works

We’ll connect so I can know what you want and we’ll become homies bonding over Lululemon and other basic sh*t


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Let's make some magic and cross some places off your bucketlist!



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Torez Marguerite is a California based Wedding Photographer. Specializing in couples and weddings.

Torez Marguerite is a Californian wedding photographer specializing in shooting couples, weddings, and elopements locally where she is based in California, all around the United States, and internationally. She loves photographing weddings and elopements along the California coast to destination weddings in Hawaii, Utah, New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, Washington, Tulum and all around the world.