Romantic Golden Gate Park Engagement Photos | Wynter + Matt


These Golden Gate Park engagement photos were a dream come true. Everything about the day from Wynter and Matt, their outfits and dogs, to the weather and locations was amazing.

Wynter and Matt met during their time in undergrad at San Francisco State. Wynter was struggling through her chemistry class when Matt her knight in shining armor helped tutor her and the rest was pretty much history. They have been together ever since. And decided together that they really wanted to document their love and engagement in the city where it all happened!

June can be so hard for the weather in San Francisco. If you don’t know, June Gloom is a term coined in California and I believe specifically refers to the San Francisco Bay Area during the late spring or early summer months. What happens to most places during summer is the weather is finally bright and sunny with warmer days. While the weather in the Bay is overcast, windy, and you definitely need to bring extra layers. This year I even heard No Sky July….. Anyways, while Wynter, Matt, and I were planning their engagement session we were careful to try and book a day when the weather would hopefully cooperate. Ideally clear skies, no wind, and a gorgeous sunset. After looking at a few Farmers Almanacs and doing some research we settled on a date in June and crossed our fingers and hoped for the best.

And while it wasn’t the most golden sunset it was clear and that was good enough for us! As long as we could see the Golden Gate Bridge and the view of downtown we were all happy!

Stow Lake located in Golden Gate Park is the perfect place for a little date night or adventure. You can rent row boats like Matt and Wynter did or paddle boats if like me you are horrible at rowing. Wynter and Matt loved to come here and explore the lake and row around during their time in San Francisco. It was so fun to explore a different part of Golden Gate Park. And before we left Stow Lake, Wynter and Matt’s dogs Remy and Ollie hopped in for a few. And they loved it!

After Stow Lake, we headed over to the Marin Headlands. In our original plans, we were going to end here with a gorgeous golden sunset. But, Karl(the fog) had other plans. So, while it was clear enough to see the bridge we decided to go here before our last stop downtown. And boy was it windy at Battery Spencer but so worth it. Matt and Wynter handled the wind and elements like champs. And one unforeseen bonus of the weather is that there really weren’t too many tourists around so they could really enjoy the view and be in the moment.

There are soooo many amazing places to check in the Marin Headlands. All with gorgeous views of the Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco. While Battery Spencer is personally my favorite view definitely check out other hikes in the area if you have a chance. Some other spots I recommend are Kirby Cove, Slacker Hill, and Hawk Hill.

After finishing at Battery Spencer, Wynter and Matt did a quick outfit change before heading to one of my new favorite parks in downtown SF. It has the absolute best view of the Bay Bridge and the iconic Transamerica building. And there they had more serious moments, cuddled with the pups, and then called it a night.

The wind shook up Wynter’s hair a little while we were are the Battery Spencer which is to be expected. Definitely check out Urban Beauty Loft in San Francisco if you’re looking for someone. Fiona is incredibly talented Wynter looked gorgeous!

These Golden Gate Park engagement photos were everything engagement photos should be. They included all different spots that meant something to Wynter and Matt. They had a gorgeous outfit change with two different looks and vibes. And Wynter and Matt included their dogs but they’re part of the family.

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