California Photographer || Brooke + Chris -

California Photographer || Brooke + Chris

Wherever I go in the Bay Area I’m constantly reminded of how lucky I am to live in such a beautiful and diverse place. This Redwood Forest Engagement session really brought that home for me. The Bay Area can be so go go go and wait and sit in traffic. But, somehow you’ll find these small escapes. This little garden, hikes, shops, or spaces that will show you the beauty all of these cities together have to offer.

If you escape to the Oakland hills you’ll find these parks and places where there is just straight forest. And that is where some redwoods are served as the backdrop for this engagement session.

Brooke and Chris first met in college where they found themselves living down the hall from one another in the dorm rooms. At the time when they met they both had significant others. Once they both ended those relationships they found themselves with each other just 4 short months later and the rest was history as they say.

This Redwood forest engagement session made my heart so full. Not just because Brooke and Chris were so dang cute! But, because it really reminded of why I love to do what I do. Getting to meet people bond and capture their story. I’m literally a naturally reserved person and I kid you not before every session I get anxious. I really want to connect with my couple and take some bomb pictures for them. And I of course want them to like me. And it can be nerve racking.

I love having the opportunity to do what I do and hanging out in the forest with Brooke and Chris made so incredibly thankful for photography and this career I love so much!

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Torez Marguerite is a Californian wedding photographer specializing in shooting couples, weddings, and elopements locally where she is based in California, all around the United States, and internationally. She loves photographing weddings and elopements along the California coast to destination weddings in Hawaii, Utah, New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, Washington, Tulum and all around the world.

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