Kauai Elopement at Waimea Canyon | Kenzie + Dylan


This Kauai elopement at Waimea Canyon just had me in awe the whole time! Anyone ever been to the Grand Canyon?? I went when I was like 9 I wanna say and it was amazing! And I remember I had these two little deposable cameras that my mom bought for me to use on the trip. I went with one of best friends at the time and her family. And honestly I was incredibly blessed to have that experience. This Kauai Elopement at Waimea Canyon reminded me of those experiences.

Going to Waimea canyon just brought all of that fully back to me and it’s crazy to think that that was almost like 15 years ago! And Waimea Canyon and the Grand Canyon are places some people may never see. Like I don’t ever think my mom has been. And I’m out here having and making these incredible memories and it just shows how thankful you should be for everything single day that you have. 

But, anywho sorry for the small tangent. Waimea Canyon is absolutely breathtaking. Kauai is the oldest island of Hawaii so this island has had more time than any other island to develop and erode and this canyon is a prime example. All the rock was red and dusty. But, since it’s Hawaii and Kauai is also the rainiest island there are patches of green and grass. Those two contrasts are so interesting to see next to one another.

This elopement was incredible and I’ve said before ever time! I’ll be back Hawaii VERY soon!

This Kauai elopement at Waimea Canyon was an unforgettable experience for so many different reasons. And I’d hop on a plane again tomorrow if it meant I got to spend some more time in this magical place.

Gown: Daci Gowns Design/ Florals: Bixby and Pine Hair and Makeup: Meghan from Kauai Wedding Hair

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