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Guest Blog by: Alexandria Elaine Events

Now, more than ever, we are seeing a break from (or a twist on) tradition as weddings step into the modern age. Wedding trends can be the perfect way to bring your wedding into modern times. Older cultural and religious traditions are being refreshed with more personality than ever before. Couples are starting to realize that they can completely customize their wedding, and don’t need to be tied to traditions of the past. If this past pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that life can be short and unpredictable so we might as well do the things that make us happy and mean something to us.

We’ve seen so many different wedding trends through the decades- fads that fade over time and quickly become an embarrassing memory to show the next generation, and changes in the meaning of marriage and ideas of what a wedding is and should look like. This post is meant to 1) showcase some of the trendiest wedding ideas right now, and also 2) challenge what you think when you think of the word “wedding,” and to give it a connotation that is true and personal to you. Because a wedding is a very personal union so why not personalize it and do something outside of the box! Here are some fun and trendy ways to modernize traditional wedding components to showcase your own personal views/style.

Not-So-Long White Dress

The white wedding dress started out with a purpose as a symbol of wealth and purity. Since we are in 2023 now, naturally the same things that were important in that era may not be important now. The wedding dress now takes on a different purpose, which could be to show off our personal style, surprise our Groom, fit to a certain theme, etc.

There are a whole host of reasons that we choose the wedding dress that we do. And because of that, we have some very trendy variations of the white wedding dress. Lately there has been an increase in the ever-moody all black wedding dresses, which can be a look of elegance and sophistication. Brides are also playing with color and patterns, as we are seeing some dip-dyed wedding dresses, off-white and other colors, white dresses with pattern overlays, white 2-piece outfits, white jumpsuits, white mini dresses, and white pantsuits.

These beautiful pieces are by Kladek.

Floral Installations

Couples are seeing the way that floral pieces can really enhance or transform a space. We’re noticing that couples have been spending more money on some unique floral statement pieces to create unique photo ops, fun backdrops/centerpieces, and enhance their guest experience. Things like hanging floral pieces and chandeliers adorned with flowers, flower walls and large flower backdrop pieces, ground ceremony floral pieces and avant garde floral arches are becoming a lot more prevalent.

Creative Welcome Walls

Placecards and seating charts are becoming less used as couples switch to welcome walls that are both functional and make a statement. The welcome wall is often the first thing that guests see when they walk into a reception, so couples have been creating welcome walls that really leave their guests with a stunning first impression. If you’re looking to put together a welcome wall that will make a statement, think about something that is interactive, includes food or drinks (everyone loves being greeted with food or drinks), incorporates your theme or details of your love story, or includes fun favors. 

Floral Accessories

Boutonnières are so last year! If you’re looking to freshen up your look with a pop of floral color, try a floral pocket square or floral lapel instead. For the ladies, a floral headpiece or floral jewelry might be the perfect enhancement for your wedding day look. 

Last Dance

More and more couples are wanting to share an intimate last dance together on the dance floor to close out their day. This could either be while they are surrounded by their guests, or after their guests have left. Either way, this gives couples a chance to re-connect after such a long and hectic day and share one last quiet moment to take everything in.

Guest Experience

Couples are splurging on things that contribute to their overall guest experience. Interactive activities for guests are a great way to leave an impression. Things like 360 photo booths, live painters/sketch artists, DIY cowboy hat trailers, permanent jewelry stations, performers, etc. make for a really great addition that guests are sure to love!

Weekend-Long Soirees

We all had a significant pause in social celebrations during the pandemic. Now it’s time to make up for lost time! Couples that are getting married right now really place value on finally being able to get all of their favorite people together to celebrate their special day, and they want to maximize their time.  More couples are turning wedding days into wedding weekends. We’ll be seeing a significant increase in welcome parties, dinners, brunches, and after parties as part of the wedding festivities. 

Unique ceremony seating

Couples are getting creative with their ceremony seating. Rows of chairs facing forward with an aisle in the middle is the easy thing to do, but everyone does it! Lately there have been (and will continue to be) some really fun alternatives to ceremony seating. The alternatives can be in type of seating, like poufs, pillows, blankets, and couches. Or they can be in layout, such as chairs facing the aisle, chairs in a circle facing the altar in the middle, etc. don’t be afraid to get a little creative! It will surely leave an impression on your guests and make for some really fun photos.

There are so many fun wedding trends out there right now! So don’t forget to have fun with it, make it personal, and consider your overall guest experience. If you incorporate any of these fun trends, you’ll have a wedding that your guests will leave feeling inspired and talk about for years to come. Happy planning!

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