4th Floor SF City Hall Elopement | Aline and Faheem


Aline and Faheem opted for a civil ceremony planned for a small SF City Hall elopement. But of course, it spiraled a little out of control with a couple of friends and lots of Faheem’s family. And even though there were a couple more guests than initially anticipated Aline and Faheem were happy to tie the knot in front of their loved ones. And be one step closer to their big party celebration.

How They Met

Aline and Faheem met in what I think is now the “old-fashioned” way – online via Hinge. Aline’s initial thoughts were that there was no way there was going to be a second date. Aline thought this because Faheem was wayyy too shy. And now almost two years later here they are getting married!

After all of the SF City Hall elopements I’ve photographed, this was actually my first time having a couple have their civil ceremony held on the 4th floor. When you pay for your civil ceremony they do mention that the location is at the discretion of the Justice of the Peace that is holding the ceremonies. And on this day she decided to treat all the couples to the 4th floor!

The 4th Floor is gorgeous for a multitude of reasons. From the lighting to the views across city hall, it’s the perfect place to say “I do”. After checking in for their ceremony time Aline, Faheem, and the small gang of their family and friends headed up to the 4th floor for the short and sweet civil ceremony. After some quick vows and I do’s they were married with all of Aline’s family watching on Facetime. 

Once their ceremony was over we adventured around city hall. We captured the essence of their SF City Hall elopement and then met with the rest of the family out front before heading to a local bar. 

Emperor Norton’s Boozeland is just a short 10-minute walk from San Francisco City Hall. There Aline and Faheem popped champagne to celebrate and then shared cake and drinks with friends and family. The perfect ending to their day.


Venue – San Francisco City Hall
Dress – Asos
Bar – Emperor Norton’s Boozeland
Cake – Loviana Cakes

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