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Inez and Bryan reached out to me before they even officially had their day booked at city hall. Which is always an honor. We chatted about the small intimate wedding they were having at San Francisco City Hall with mainly family. After they booked we chatted about few locations for after their ceremony and they decided on Palace of Fine Arts wedding.

On the day of we started at San Francisco City Hall. Inez and Bryan had a beautiful bilingual ceremony with their closest family and friends watching. They signed their marriage license and made it all official after taking portraits with their family. Then, we head out to explore the city hall grounds and later their Palace of Fine Arts wedding.

San Francisco City Hall is always a gorgeous backdrop. It never ceases to amaze me. I just love how everyone is able to make it unique and special to themselves. Inez, Bryan, and I were able to get some beautiful images throughout city hall before heading over to the Palace of Fine Arts.

Though is technically not a Palace of Fine Arts Wedding it was still beautiful nonetheless. These wedding portraits there are definitely some of my favorite I have EVER taken at the Palace of Fine Arts which is saying a lot because I’m there quite often.

Tips for your Palace of Fine Art Wedding

The Palace of Fine Arts is absolutely stunning and believe it or not bigger in person. As beautiful as this place it’s not all fun in roses. Car break-ins are sadly very prevalent in SF/Bay Area and they can be essentially bad here. However, one great plus of this spot is unless you need to make reserve the space for 30+ people then no permits or anything is needed to get married here. But, if you’re interested in having a reception here be sure to check their website.

Something that separates elopements from weddings is the ability to do activities. This great place for a picnic with a beautiful view. And if you want to include your dog they are more than welcome. Think about doing a champagne pop and toast or eating something sweet while you’re here.

The Palace of Fine Arts is close to Lombard St. where there are a plethora of hotels but those are like your motel 6 Travelodge type places. And Lombard St. is also not the safest place at night. If you want to be close I’d recommend Lodge at the Presidio, Airbnb, or VRBO.

When is the best time for your Palace of Fine Arts wedding? Weekdays here in the morning are ideal. Crowds of people come to see this place every day and literal tour buses drop people off on the weekends. I recommend sunrise for a quiet and pleasant time.

As mentioned above no permit is needed here to take photos or have a small ceremony. However, if you’re looking to reserve space or have a wedding reception larger than 30 people you’ll need to contact San Francisco Recreation and Parks.

For transportation, it’s either best to drive or take a ride-share. Just please be aware of car break-ins. Never leave anything in your car but, if that’s not possible make sure nothing is in sight.

The Palace of Fine Arts always makes me forget I’m in San Francisco for a little while. This gorgeous Portuguese beauty built in the early 1900s is a testament to all the other beauty and a different side of San Francisco that people don’t always get to see.

Palace of Fine Arts Wedding Photographer

Hi, I’m Torez a San Francisco elopement photographer. San Francisco is my specialty. From anything to food recs, coffee recs, concerts, or the best parks for you to read a book at I’m your girl. You can find me petting my dog (Marley), eating a pint of ice cream, or just on a spontaneous adventure. I’m an absolute hopeless romantic at heart and love watching all of the corny romance movies.

Over the past 3 years, I’ve photographed over 80 sessions, weddings, and elopements. Taking photos should be a fun and easy experience. By creating a seamless experience from beginning to end you’ll walk away from the day feeling cared for and ecstatic. And most importantly with some amazing photos that you can enjoy forever.

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Hi I'm Torez, a die-hard romantic and San Francisco-based wedding photographer with years of experience capturing love stories against the backdrop of our charming city. From intimate City Hall ceremonies to epic coastal elopements, I've seen and photographed it all. I know the ins and outs of navigating wedding planning in San Francisco like the back of my hand - from selecting the perfect location that aligns with your love story, to creating the dreamiest wedding timeline that lets you enjoy your day to the fullest. And guess what? I'm sharing all of that expertise right here with you.

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