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Hanna reached out to me just a few days before her elopement with Thomas to see if I was available for their wedding and man were they cutting it close. But, wow am I so happy that my Friday was free! San Francisco City Hall is one of my favorite spots in the city. It’s one of the many reasons I love being a San Francisco wedding photographer.

Hanna and Thomas met a few years ago right before the pandemic. Their first date was 8 hours and their love has only continued to grow as they’ve built strong value and relationship foundations to support their every day lives.

San Francisco City Hall

Couple waiting to get married in San Francisco City Hall.
Couple walking to get married in San Francisco City Hall.

This day was filled with so much fun and spontaneity! Everything moved pretty quick and if I can pass along any tips from being a San Francisco wedding photographer, it’s to plan ahead for parking! San Francisco is a crazy city. And there are bound to be road closures, accidents, or just really anything that can slow you getting to San Francisco City Hall.

Hands of bride and groom.

They decided to elope at San Francisco City hall and it was all a little sudden. The details weren’t “perfect.” But, weddings or elopements like this make you realize that all other stuff doesn’t really matter. At the end of the day, it’s about the love. They’re definitely added bonuses don’t get me wrong. But they love you and your partner have for one another is what the day is all about.

Couple eloping in San Francisco City Hall.

Hanna and Thomas did not have much planned for the day. It was all pretty spontaneous but one thing the 100% wanted to do was Facetime their families. So, we found a fairly quiet corner for them to call. Everyone they called was so excited, surprised, and happy for them!

Couple Facetiming families after eloping.
Couple walking in San Francisco City Hall.

They we decided to head outside of San Francisco City Hall for a celebratory snack. Hanna and Thomas got chocolate croissants from one of their favorite bakeries.

Couple walking out of San Francisco City Hall.
Couple enjoying a dessert after getting married.
Couple walking from city hall.

Then, with some time to spare we decided to adventure over to Hayes Valley. Where we went to a small cafe for some drinks to end our time together.

Hayes Valley

Couple deciding what they want at a store.
Couple cheersing after eloping.
Couple in Hayes valley.
Couple smiling for San Francisco wedding photographer Torez Marguerite.
Couple smiling at each other.
Couple walking across the street in San Francisco.

San Francisco Wedding Photographer

I love being a San Francisco wedding photographer and getting to photograph important memories like. These it’s truly the best part of my job. Getting married in San Francisco? Let’s chat! Want to read more about what it’s like to get married in San Francisco click here for more info!

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