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This adventure was super special for me. Tea and Cam have been supporting my small business from the very beginning. I remember asking them to model for me to help build my portfolio. And we trekked our way out to Ocean Beach in San Francisco. These photos with the Golden Gate in the background are some of my favorites of this Fort Point Elopement San Francisco.

I don’t think we could have asked for more perfect weather, especially for San Francisco. I mean clear blue skies, a slight breeze but nothing too crazy, the weather was an absolute dream. And Fort Point has now become one of my favorite views for seeing the Golden Gate.

There are so many places throughout San Francisco that I absolutely love. I could spend hours and hours going on and on. But, really you can’t go wrong with any view of the Golden Gate bridge. A San Francisco and California staple. I love being a tourist in my own city, especially when you get perfect days like this one.

These photos were taken at Fort Point which is super easy to get to. During the busy tourist season parking maybe be a bit sparse but you can definitely still find a spot. The second location was at Crissy fields if you’re local then you know what a gem this spot is. You can also totally park near Crissy Fields and then walk over to Fort Point just for a quick view.

One of the great things about this area and that as long as it’s a clear day there are endless views of the bay and of the Golden Gate Bridge you can even walk to a little beach if you’re looking for something different. I truly believe there is no downtime in San Francisco for tourists but the weekdays are your best bet to get fewer people. But, the absolute best months in San Francisco are September and October. Trust me you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

During the fall it’s warmer, with barely any fog insight, and plus since it’s not the summer there are likely fewer people visiting the Bay Area in general.

I love getting to do things like this for my friends and the people I hold closet to my heart. I know that as time goes on I will get to see these chapters of my friends lives’ that almost no one else sees. And it is something I am so grateful for! I can’t wait to see all of their relationships grow and change for the best. And I get to see them go through all of life’s changes and steps. The best gift of being a photographer.

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