Photographer in Bay Area || Josie + Brian


Sometimes there’s nothing better than being able to explore your own backyard. There are so many reasons why I love being a photographer in the Bay Area. And this Briones couple session really allowed me to do that and I feel so incredibly blessed to live where I do.

Josie got in contact with me through a mutual friend and she wanted to do a small couple session followed by some portraits for herself as she was getting into modeling! Like seriously look at her she’s gorgeous. Josie and Brian just graduated from college right in the middle of a global pandemic. High school sweethearts that have endured high school, college long distance relationship and now a global crisis.

Brian grew up with a camera following him all the time thanks to a photographer dad. So, he definitely wasn’t shy but he was also not too thrilled about another one! It’s ok though he was such a good sport and frolicked around, hip bumped, and danced to see Josie smile. And it’s love like that that I love watching and getting to capture.

Josie and Brian were the perfect couple for this Briones couple session and I love how these photos came out. They got to celebrate being together and graduating from college. Times like that are irreplaceable.

Can’t you see why I love being a photographer in the bay area?! The cute little spots that this place holds is endless. No matter how expensive it may be to live here I could never imagine calling any other place home. Want to see more of my work check out my portfolio here! Love this Briones couple session and my work and want to know what’s is like with me as your photographer? Check out this page!

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