Greenhouse Photoshoot || Courtney + Tyler


Peconic River Herb Farm in Long Island, New York will make all your greenhouse photoshoot dreams come true. Don’t be believe? Just take a look for yourself!

I completed my undergrad in upstate New York. And so, I try to go back when I can to get a fill of all my favorite people and my 3rd favorite state. Every time I go back I know NYC a little bit better and am reminded of some of the best years of my life. I truly do love NY. There is always a special place in my heart for it. However, I will always be California ride or die.

When met each other at The College of Saint Rose our freshman year. We were a part of the same recruitment class for soccer. While playing soccer and school was a roller coaster in it’s self we’ve remained ever since. So, when she asked if I would be ok with being her wedding photographer I was so honored and of course said yes!

Woman looking at man and smiling
Couple smiling around near river bed.
Couple dancing together near a marsh.
Couple smiling together at greenhouse photoshoot
Man picking up woman and looking at her.

It will never be lost on me how many close friends and family members I get to capture. Not just them but this chapter of their life and this greenhouse photoshoot was no different. I get to be apart of people’s lives and an incredible way and I’ll never forget that. Above all, always grateful to do what I do.

Couple smiling at each other.
Man swinging woman around while laughing.
Couple showing engagement ring.
Couple bumping hips and smiling in greenhouse.

Courtney and I talked a bit about what location she wanted for her engagement photos. She mentioned really liking a greenhouse and I got in photography after graduating. So I took to google to see what I could find. I sent her a whole list of different places. Definitely having my own personal favorites. But, when she picked the Peconic River Herb Farm I was ecstatic especially because I knew that would a really long drive for them in New Hampshire.

Couple smiling at each other during their greenhouse photoshoot.
Couple kissing in greenhouse.
Man kissing fiancé's forehead in greenhouse.

But, that’s what Courtney wanted so Tyler and I said ok! Don’t get me started on the roads in New York! And the amount of traffic that we endured for this greenhouse photoshoot. However, to say it was worth it would be an understatement. There were definitely some concerns from outfits to weather. It literally was forecasting rain but thankfully it all worked out.

Couple looking each other in front of greenhouse.
Couple holding each other in front of greenhouse.
Couple smiling during greenhouse photoshoot.
Coupe walking during greenhouse photoshoot.
Man touching nose to fiancé's cheek.
Couple sitting and laughing together.
Man and woman smiling while sitting.

This session was definitely a special one for me. Looking at them they represent the couple that Courtney and Tyler are and that is always my goal. These two are some of the best people that I know. They’re doing amazing things. I can’t wait for their wedding in June! Like it cannot come fast enough!

Couple holding hands and kissing.
Man giving woman a piggy back ride.
Couple kissing in woods.
Woman and man looking at each other and smiling.
Man and woman smiling.
Man picking up woman during greenhouse photoshoot.
Couple looking at bubbles.
Woman and man smiling and laughing at bubbles.

This is just a taste of their whole session! Want to see the whole thing?! Click HERE. I love getting to travel and capture your memories. Likewise, be sure to check out what it’s like to work with me here.

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