Christmas SF Hall City Elopement | Susi + Frankie


There are tons of places to consider when thinking about eloping. Having a Christmas SF Hall City Elopement is my new favorite thing. It’s right in your backyard if you live in the Bay Area and there are countless ways to make it unique and all about you! San Francisco City Hall is one of those places that is absolutely stunning all by itself. Which is so rare to find in a venue let alone a city hall.

Susi and Frankie found me on Instagram and I was so excited for their big day. Like so many couples after the pandemic, they decided to downsize their wedding. Susi and Frankie had their Chinese ceremony a few years ago and this past year they were blessed with a son. They decided to only invite a few close friends to share this special day with as of their son of course!

Susi and Frankie married on their five-year anniversary to the day and kept everything light, fun, and easygoing! They had their son with them and he was a trooper the whole time. Frankie and Susi patiently waited for their license before we headed upstairs for the ceremony. And even though the masks made things a little different. It doesn’t take away anything from the love! Susi even wanted a few with them on just for the memory of the time it was.

There are so many reasons to get married during Christmas time. But, this tree in city hall really takes the cake. I loved everything about the lights and the tree and just the general feeling of Christmas for this San Francisco City Hall wedding.

Just walking around San Francisco City Hall for your wedding, you’ll find the most beautiful spots. The architecture is incredible, timeless, and classic. The best part of this place is that it can dressed up or down. It just depends on what you’re looking for. And with San Francisco just outside the doors, the whole city awaits you! You can go on another adventure in some of northern California’s prettiest sites. Just think of all the possibilities!

Bringing champagne or any other special beverage or food is a great way to add to the celebration! I’d love to help my couples and plan something special. There’s cake or sparkling water. Or maybe you want a special exit think about bubbles or confetti.

San Francisco City Hall is one of the most beautiful places in the city to get married. The options are endless and the decor is timeless. Both of which can only help your day feel even more special and unique.

We love a classic shoe picture! Especially when the groom is a sneakerhead and brings out a special pair of Jordans for the big day!

Thinking about getting married at San Francisco City Hall? I would love to talk to you and walk you through the process. It’s super easy and I’ll help the whole way. A San Francisco City Hall wedding is one for the books! They’re beautiful, timeless, romantic, and surprisingly easy. Learn more about a wedding at San Francisco City Hall here. I’d love to capture this amazing day for you! I’d love to hear from you and your city hall elopement dreams, let’s chat!

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