Wedding Photographer in Bay Area || Tea + Cam -

Wedding Photographer in Bay Area || Tea + Cam

bay area proposal

When I was texted by Cam that he was going to propose to Tea at his birthday celebration and he was wondering if I could photograph it. I was completely honored, shocked, and didn’t know how I was going to keep this secret. Thank goodness he told everyone that was going. Because I don’t know if I would have made it without talking to anyone!

I met Tea when I first started working at lululemon two years ago. We became instant friends over our love of food, wine, and using the f word. And though she left the company a couple of months later we still remained friends and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Our friend group likes to call Tea and Cam Mom and Dad. This is because they have been together for so long and are always taking care of everyone that they love.

They were one of the first couples I asked to model for me when I first was getting into photography. For it to be coming full circle I feel nothing but so much joy for the both of them. It’s really hard taking pictures when you’re crying! And I definitely need to purchase some waterproof mascara.

The night before we all went out to get dinner at Sauced in downtown Walnut Creek and before Tea got there I was asking Cam about the plan. Did he want me to do anything specifically, I could like direct or facilitate in any way? Literally all he said to me was “You’ll know.” I was like “Will I?” I needed more direction than that!

So, we all get to Nella Terra the next day, and not gonna lie everyone was really on edge. I was taking photos of everyone and we were all enjoying our wine. Once the tasting was over we starting packing everything up to relocate to the botchy ball courts and we all knew what was about to happen which put us all on edge.

I started taking group photos of the girls and then the guys. And then the couples and everyone was like ok Tea and Cam first. I start taking some portraits and then I said “Ok great, who’s next?” And then Cam says “Wait, one more.” and he gets down on one knee!

Obviously she says YES and we’re all crying.

This Bay Area proposal was incredibly special for me. Not just because this was my first proposal but also because these are two of my friends. For them to be taking the next step in their relationship is crazy but my heart just explodes for them.

Such an intimate, unforgettable moment between two people. I feel so honored as a photographer and friend that I got to capture this Bay Area proposal for them.

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