Crissy Field Anniversary Session || Haley & Brett

Crissy Field Anniversary Session || Haley & Brett


Haley reach out to me about a week before with a huge ask if I could squeeze in an anniversary session for her and her husband during their trip to San Francisco. They sounded like an awesome couple and so I moved somethings around to make it work in my schedule. Her one request views of the Golden Gate Bridge. I said no problem! Sent her all my favorite vies and we settled on Crissy Field when also is right next to Fort Point.

Imagine our disappointment when we arrived and had the THICKEST fog I’ve probably seen all year. 🙃 We tried delaying the session later into the morning, crossing our fingers that it would clear even just a little. SPOILER ALERT: it didn’t so we said F*CK IT.

Couple on the beach in San Francisco.
Couple in San Francisco.

Haley and Brett were all about embracing the fog. I said well at least on the plus side of things the lighting is incredibly even and you all look amazing!

And besides what’s a trip to San Francisco and some photos without Karl making an appearance!

Couple laughing on the beach in SF.

And come on these photos are some of my favs like this gif so cute. We had the best time at the beach at Crissy Field all to ourselves.

Crissy Field

Couple at Crissy Field.
Couple walking at Crissy Field.

I think one of my new favorite things is when couples send me inspo whether that be a Pinterest board or just share some of the vibes they’re going for. It’s incredibly helpful just to make sure I’m on the right track and not asking anyone to do anything that they don’t want to do.

Couple looking at each other at Crissy Field.

After hanging around Crissy Fields we decided to walk over to the Golden Gate Bridge. To see what we could of it! Because something is better than nothing! And despite the fog we still had pretty epic views!

Fort Point

These photos just scream San Francisco! And they are truly some of my favorites!

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