I'm a Bay Area native born and raised with a small stint in NY but I'm back, however continually on the move! I was raised by a single parent with my two sisters so family means absolutely everything thing to me. They are literally my biggest supporters and ultimate hype crew. 

I became a photographer in California after I graduated college in a super weird and not so typical way. I went on this spontaneous trip to Bali where I learned how to use a camera and thought I'd be an Instagram influencer/blogger. LOL. Turned out I liked taking the photos more than I liked being in front of the camera. And what started out as something just for fun turned into a whole lot more.

but since there’s a 99% chance you’ll ask if it’s pronounced tor-ez or ter-es (either way is fine btw) you can totally call me T if that's easier!

Hi, I’m Torez, your Go-to San francisco Photographer.

 I know getting in front of a camera can feel weird and awkward and you're like what the hell do I do with my hands. But, seriously I'll be there to make you laugh, guide you through the whole process and make things as easy, fun, and as seamless as possible.

Honestly, all I could hope for is that you just have a good a** time taking photos.

I'm an absolute hopeless romantic and I watch all of the romcoms and corny Hallmark movies without any shame. And I cry at every single wedding I go to and sometimes even during my couples sessions. I'm continually reminded by my couples how beautiful love is and how it looks different on everyone! 

You can catch me working out, eating, or traveling! Corepower yoga, Soulcycle, and just going on a good jog are some of my favorite ways to stay fit! Carbs are actually my love language and I will down a whole pint of Haagan Daas cherry vanilla without any remorse. I LOVE spontaneous trips and travel and I'm slowly but surely checking off all of the national parks. 

you'd know that the beach and I literally mean any beach is my happy place. I could seriously sit, stare at, and just be by the ocean all day.

you'd know that part of the reason I went to school in upstate NY was that I was recruited for soccer. I went to The College of Saint Rose in Albany and my freshman year we went all the way to the final four of the NCAA tournament in Louisville, Kentucky. We lost after double overtime and penalty kicks. Still a bit salty but it’s fine.

you'd know that I’m the youngest of three. I have two older sisters that are 9 and 7 years older than me. I always joke with them that I’m the favorite because I was planned for. 

you'd know that frickin love to workout out! I am not myself if I'm not working out. You can catch me at Corepower, Soulcycle, on a run, or at the gym! I'm one of those people that needs to close the activity rings on the apple watch.

you'd know that I watch Grey's Anatomy religiously along with any spin-off so like Private Practice and Station 19. I seriously love watching medical dramas! You could say, Thursday nights are reserved. 

you'd know that elephants are my FAVORITE animal and have been since I was little. Like there are some people that just say that but no like I literally have a necklace, mugs, blankets, and people buy figures of them for me from all around the world. I even have an ice cube tray.

you'd know that I'm a dog person. Sorry, not sorry. I do have a cat though and love all animals. 

you'd know that I'm a hard-core tea person. 99.9% it's always iced and about 25% of the time there's boba in it.

you'd know I'm always 1000% down for a good burger and fries. And wine ALWAYS down for wine.

you'd know I've become allergic to shellfish but LOVE California rolls. And still, eat them from time to time with Benadryl and Epipens on standby. Sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do!

If you really knew me...

They are my insane family that has absolutely seen it all. Me at my best my worst my crazy and my stupidity and they have been through it all with me. I truly believe that I would not be the person I am today without these people by my side. We have our moments like any family but at the end of the day I know who to call to bail me out of jail, who to call when I just need someone to listen to me rant or cry, or who to call when I’m actually an idiot and leave my purse in an unlock moving truck in San Francisco and get it stolen (an actual real life event - just ask)….. 

These crazy people are my why.

These people make me want to be the absolute best version of myself. Everything I do is to better the lives of the people around me. So, why take photos? Why do I take photos? Taking photos for anyone whether it be myself, my family or someone I don’t know at all feels like magic. I don’t know how to really describe it. I come out of my shell and get to capture and then deliver these moments in time which to me seem like little gifts. Life is ever changing, growing, evolving and for a split second I get to capture the now. I hate to sound morbid because I’m all smiles and laughs most of the time. But, you never know what moment is going to be your last with anyone. You’ll never know the value of a moment or a photograph until that’s all that you have left of it. 

These crazy people are my why.

That’s why not only should you invest in photos that’ll last forever but snap away with your phone, camera, and whatever else you might take photos with because I don’t think anyone has ever said “Wow, I wish I had less photos.”. I myself have been working on this. I wish all the time I had more photos with the people I love. Do you ever go to post a picture of your best friend or with you mom and realize you have like 2 photos and they're the same ones you've been sharing for like years. Going through an old box of photos at my mom’s was one of my highlights last year. Looking at all the growth and reminiscing with my sisters about how they used to gang up and torture me! It’s fun and games now but back then not so much. But, I’m incredibly thankful to my mom for making sure we had these memories to look back on. That box full of photos that probably no else in the world would care about is priceless to me.

Photos are like gifts for the future to remember and cherish the past.

Big Sur, CA February 19-22
San Diego, ca june 1-2
Boston, MA JUne 10-12
rosarito, mex august 19-22
Jackson, NH OCtober 21-23

2022 travel schedule

So, if you’ve been reading you know I took my first overseas international trip in 2018 right after I graduated from college. And after that trip the travel bug bit me HARD. I wanted to go everywhere and try everything as soon as possible. I realized I’d been living all away across the country and hadn’t even taken advantage of it! UGH what a lost opportunity but anyway moving forward that’s all I wanted to do; travel the world. And photograph everything.

I started in my own backyard and went to some places close to home that I had literally never been. It’s one of those things when you live in a “touristy” spot you just don’t go out to see the sites because you’re not a tourist. Like I literally live here. Lol but I went to Sutro Baths, Big Sur, Lake Tahoe, anywhere I could convince someone to come with me I went.

And then in 2019 I convinced my gay bestie to buy roundtrip tickets to Costa Rica and that trip was an absolute blast and a total mess at the same exact time. Let’s just say I’m not always the best planner. But we got back in one piece and that’s all that matters. I was more pumped than ever and made big plans for 2020. LOL.

So, what do you think? you wanna join me?

Honestly, I started off 2020 strong. I went to Kauai my first time in Hawaii and it was amazing, beautiful, and just wait on my beach house one day. You heard it hear first!

And then, March 2020. Haha we all know the story - deadly virus shutdown EVERYTHING. 

I don’t want to dwell on that too much because why be a Debbie downer. So, towards the end of 2020 as things got some normalcy I was able to take a couple of small trips to Arizona and then Colorado. And I had a blast and cautiously said ok 2021 let’s do it.

And here we are. I went on an epic 5 day road trip to Utah for my birthday with more travel plans in 2021 than I would want to count. Fully vaccinated and ready to see this amazingly beautiful country and all it has to offer!