I'm a 26-year-old Bay Area native that has been photographing wedding and couples over the past 3 years! I was raised by a single parent with my two sisters so family means absolutely everything thing to me. They are literally my biggest supporters and ultimate hype crew. 

I became a photographer in California after I graduated college in a super weird and not so typical way. I went on this spontaneous trip to Bali where I learned how to use a camera and thought I'd be an Instagram influencer/blogger. LOL. Turned out I liked taking the photos more than I liked being in front of the camera. And what started out as something just for fun turned into a whole lot more.

but since there’s a 99% chance you’ll ask if it’s pronounced tor-ez or ter-es (either way is fine btw) you can totally call me T if that's easier!

Hi, I’m Torez, your Go-to San francisco Photographer.

It sounds corny I know but I truly believe in the value that photos have and hold. I know getting in front of a camera can feel weird and awkward and you're like what the hell do I do with my hands. But seriously, I'll be there to make you laugh, guide you through the whole process and make things as easy and fun.

memories come and go but photos last a lifetime.

I'm an absolute hopeless romantic and I watch all of the romcoms and corny Hallmark movies without any shame. And I cry at every single wedding I go to and sometimes even during my couples sessions. I became a photographer because even at a young age I realized the value in a moment.

You can catch me working out, eating, or traveling! I'm obsessed with staying fit, my dog Marley, and becoming a hostess with the mostess! Carbs are actually my love language and I will down a whole pint of Haagan Daas cherry vanilla without any remorse. I LOVE spontaneous trips and am slowly but surely checking off all of the national parks. 

you'd know that the beach and I literally mean any beach is my happy place. I could seriously sit, stare at, and just be by the ocean all day.

you'd know that part of the reason I went to school in upstate NY was that I was recruited for soccer. I went to The College of Saint Rose in Albany and my freshman year we went all the way to the final four of the NCAA tournament in Louisville, Kentucky. We lost after double overtime and penalty kicks. Still a bit salty but it’s fine.

you'd know that I’m the youngest of three. I have two older sisters that are 9 and 7 years older than me. I always joke with them that I’m the favorite because I was planned for. 

you'd know that frickin love to workout out! I am not myself if I'm not working out. You can catch me at Corepower, Soulcycle, on a run, or at the gym! I'm one of those people that needs to close the activity rings on the apple watch.

you'd know that I watch Grey's Anatomy religiously along with any spin-off so like Private Practice and Station 19. I seriously love watching medical dramas! You could say, Thursday nights are reserved. 

you'd know that elephants are my FAVORITE animal and have been since I was little. Like there are some people that just say that but no like I literally have a necklace, mugs, blankets, and people buy figures of them for me from all around the world. I even have an ice cube tray.

you'd know that I'm a dog person. Sorry, not sorry. I do have a cat though and love all animals. 

you'd know that I'm a hard-core tea person. 99.9% it's always iced and about 25% of the time there's boba in it.

you'd know I'm always 1000% down for a good burger and fries. And wine ALWAYS down for wine.

you'd know I've become allergic to shellfish but LOVE California rolls. And still, eat them from time to time with Benadryl and Epipens on standby. Sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do!

If you really knew me...

Life is ever changing, growing, evolving and for a split second I get to capture the now. Getting married is such a life changing moment that deserves to be documented as much. Photos with your loved ones will always be held close to your heart. And it is of the upmost important that I photographer you as I would photograph a family member, telling all of the story with all the people that you care most about. So that these photos match your memories and give you all the warm and fuzzies.

As a sentimentalist at heart, these photos are often times the only time left as the wedding and then deserve to be cared for as such.

Every chapter is worth documenting.

Big Sur, CA March 3-5
Naples, Fl march 15-20
indio, ca april 19-24
Salt Lake City, UT May 17-20
almafi coast, italy oct 1-10
GUadalahara, mx nov 16-24

2023 travel schedule

I love getting to combine two of my passions travel and photography! And I've been so blessed to travel for weddings in New Hampshire and sessions down in SoCal! I'm always happy to add other trips during my year or extend ones I'm already going on. 

Take a look at the dates below and let's do the damn thing!

i want to work with you!

*travel fees are added to invoices for locations outside of the Bay Area that are added to my travel schedule.