What 3 Wedding Vendors You Should Hire First

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Ok, so you’re in knee-deep in planning and have started to look at so many different wedding vendors your head is starting to spin. You have all of these different people in mind but want to make the right decision on who to book first especially if you’re on a limited budget. So, who do you book first? Well first, you should book your venue. Not many other vendors can be booked until you have a set location. So, once that step in checked now who are we booking?

I think it definitely depends on who is a priority for your wedding. For some people is the video while others it might be the aesthetic of their wedding. Or it might the photos. It really varies from couple to couple. But, here are the top 3 wedding vendors you should hire first in no particular order of importance.

1. Wedding Planner

Having a wedding planner is a must for a lot of couples! And for good reason! They literally make so much of difference easing the whole process for you. They’ll be there every step of the way coordinating, organizing, and listening to your needs and wants. Wedding planners and stylists know the wedding very well and they can help make all of your different ideas come together for your wedding day.

Not that you can’t do it yourself, but have someone to do all the coordinating and organizing as different vendors arrive on your wedding day is a GIFT. The last thing you want to be worried about on your wedding day is telling everyone where to set up and making sure they get there on time. You should be relaxing and drinking champagne, getting ready with your friends, and feeling excited. Let a planner do all the worrying and directing.

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2. Photographer

Hiring a photographer should definitely be a top priority for your wedding day. You probably have a couple of people in mind and if you 100% have someone in mind I would definitely recommend reaching out to them sooner rather than later. A lot of photographers only take on a certain number of weddings per year or per month or per weekend. And if you have a very popular date like 10/10/2020 that date can book up FAST.

Some photographers also might only book out a year in advance. But, even if you reach out and they aren’t booking yet. It’s always good to be top of mind and they’ll be sure to reach back out to when they’re books open up.


If having a wedding video is important to you then this is definitely the next wedding vendor you want to book. Basically for all the same reason as you would want to book a photographer. Videographers are definitely getting booked the same way photographers are and often times they are even getting booked before photographers.

It can be very beneficial to book a videographer during this time if you think you want one too. Depending on the photographer they may partner with certain videographers to offer package deals or have a recommended list of videographer teams that they recommend. And so often times booking one will lead to the other.

And I’m so happy to be adding videography to my services this year! My partner, Leo, is joining me on this adventure. So, while we solidify the details and build up this service we are offering a deal to couples that book us as a team this year. Inquire to learn more!

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3. Florist or DJ

I’m giving an option on this on because it totally depending on a couples priorities. Florals are expensive! And a good DJ is expensive! But, I would argue that they are both equally important.

Good and really pretty florals are hard to DIY, very time consuming and take a lot of coordination the day of your wedding. Coordination that you should not be doing because you’re relaxing, getting ready, and drinking champagne. Now, I’m not at all an expert on florals but thinking about your budget and then also think about all the different florals pieces you’re wanting. So for instance: boutonni√®res, bouquets, center pieces, ceremony arch or something else, extra flowers for the cake or detail photos. Things start to add up quickly and the earlier you know the number the better.

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DJ on the other hand also sets the vibe for the day and the reception. Quality audio is so important for your music walking down the aisle, saying your vows, and obviously for the party afterwards. A good DJ will also help you to stay on track throughout the reception and they keep the partying going. Imagine being on the dance partying your little heart out only for them to change to a song Uncle Bob requested. A quality DJ moves the party along and keeps it going at the same time!

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Hiring the right wedding vendors is absolutely crucial to having the most important day ever! So, don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions if you don’t understand something. For vendors this is their job they do probably 20+ weddings a year but this is YOUR one day and it’s important to get it right!

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