Proposal at Palace of Fine Arts | Chelsea + Dathan


I was so thrilled when I was asked to capture a proposal at the Palace of Fine Arts. Dathan planned this beautiful surprise for Chelsea. And I’m always so honored when theses milestones and memories are ones photos can help bring back to life.

She was SO surprised. When I tell you I good hear my heart my ears, I had just as much excitement as them! Dathan and I texted a few weeks before to make sure we were coordinated on the spot. And I loved that he choose for it to be on a small area of grass with the Palace in the background. That made it so much more intimate and special.

Palace of Fine Arts is a beautiful building located in the Marina district of San Francisco. Originally building in 1915 as a place to showcase art. The building now is a common place for trade fairs and wedding across the city.

There is hardly a day were you can expect to go to the Palace of Fine Arts and not see dozens of people gathered for photos, a show, or just to look around. The architecture is incredible and one that photos do not certainly do it justice.

The love between these two was just radiating off of them after this proposal at Palace of Fine Arts. It was so special and then we found a somewhat quiet spot a few moments after to get some photos of just the two of them!

I love getting to capture these beautiful moments for my couples. Shoutout to one of my previous couples for referring me. I can’t wait to see Dathan and Chelsea’s family blend and grow together. I’m honored to have gotten to capture this amazing chapter in their lives.

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