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Christina and Armando were absolute gems as we braved a rainy and windy day in San Francisco. Man, sometimes the weather just does not want to cooperate. And this past winter has been especially bad. These San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers engagement photos are some of my favorite photos. It was all of our first times at the Conservatory and it was definitely a nice break from the cold wet rainy weather that day. I cannot remember a time were it was so dreary, sad, rainy, wet, cold, gray, etc. I mean I could go on. Christina actually entered my engagement session giveaway with a tight turnaround from February to their wedding in April. We decided on March and the weather just did not want to cooperate. We talked about rescheduling a few but couldn’t find anything to make work before her wedding.

So, we just went with it the day of and switched plans from the Golden Gate Bridge to the Conservatory of Flowers. I was so incredibly thankful that they were so accommodating and I think we still got some beautiful photos. Hello, my new favorite spot in San Francisco!!

The Conservatory of Flowers is located right in Golden Gate Park along the Music Concourse. No permit or anything is needed if you want to take photos inside with a couple for engagement photos, wedding portraits, elopements, etc. However, please be sure to follow their rules so that everyone including you can enjoy your time there!

It’s always so crazy to me that beautiful places like this exist in San Francisco of all places. Just another reason why I love this city so much. You can truly find a little spot of whatever you’re looking for.

If you want more than just San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers engagement photos, then definitely consider having your wedding or even elopement here!

The Conservatory of Flowers is a beautiful space that’s a perfect indoor option for an elopement or wedding. They do rent their space for weddings which is great. And for photo sessions should as engagement sessions or couples sessions no permit or additional reservation is required. Please again call and ask if you need a permit or any special info if you want to hold a small ceremony here. I would assume if it’s just your officiant, you both, and a photographer reserving a time may not be required inside or outside. However, for larger parties, I would think you would need a full rental. Remember this space is funded by the city so longer wait time between emails is expected; always inquire as soon as possible. To find out more information about weddings here check out their site here.

Quick Info on the San Francisco Conservatory Flowers

ACTIVITY IDEAS: You can walk around the Conservatory of course and I would also recommend adding some fun stops throughout the day at Stow Lake or the Skystar wheel.

PLACES TO STAY: The Conservatory of Flowers is in Golden Gate Park so, I would recommend either Airbnb or VRBO. Or if you really want to be close to the park check out the Stanyan Park Hotel

TIME OF DAY RECOMMENDATION: It’s important to be mindful of the weather and day of the week. If it’s rainy or foggy there may be more crowds just due to the nature of the Conservatory being an indoor activity. And of course Monday- Friday in the mornings there’s going to be the least amount of people.

PERMIT INFO: For ceremonies with 5 or less people inside the Conservatory galleries you actually don’t need a permit. You just need to be sure to follow all of the conservatory’s rules. For more than 5 people contact the permits department at or call 415-264-0554. And all permits must be confirmed 30 days in advance, with a signed contract and full payment.

TRANSPORTATION ACCESSIBILITY: Public parking is available a short walk away at the Music Concourse Garage, and limited street parking is available near the intersection of John F Kennedy Drive and Nancy Pelosi Drive.

Tips for San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers Engagement Photos

If you live in San Francisco you actually get free admittance, which is amazing! Here are some of my best tips if you too want San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers engagement photos:
1. Weekdays are best – this Sunday that we went was a little crazy. It could have also been that this is a great rainy activity so it was busier than normal.
2. Think of outfits that will stand out from the greenery – white and lighter neutrals like pinks, grays, or tans. are great because they’ll contrast with all the greens. I would also avoid busy prints or patterns because they can also be a little distracting when there is so much going on with the background. I know the building is actually white but with the right lighting that won’t be a problem.
3. Be patient – this is a public space so be patient when trying to get photos. Everyone loves the circle window and things like that.
4. Be respectful to all the plants – they give you a great little spiel before going in so please remember to follow all the rules so everyone can enjoy!

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