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Kendra and Tyler have traveled endlessly together. Living in a total of 11 states combined. Hiking, adventuring, and choosing the off-beaten have always been their thing. So, when it came to choosing how they wanted to say I do. They choose one of their favorite places filled with lots of their favorite things for their Redwood Mendocino elopement.

Kendra and Tyler met while working together at a biotech lab in Sun Valley, Idaho.

Kendra – “I had been working at the lab for about a year and a half when Tyler started in the department that I had started in. I thought he was very cute and quiet (=mysterious). One night I saw him out at a local dive bar and saw my opportunity. I asked him if he knew my name, and he said he knew my initials (from the cryo boxes I left in his department full of my work products). We chatted for what felt like 15 minutes. Turns out it was most of the night.”

Tyler – “What initially struck me about Kendra was how warm and outgoing she was. She seemed like she was good friends with everybody in the lab and basically ran the place–everyone went to her with questions, and she was in charge of everything. She also seemed very outdoorsy and adventurous–my first vivid memory of her was her wearing camo, covered in deer blood, coming into the lab to brag about her hunting success.”

They shared with me that one of their favorite memories together is this one time when they were living in Salt Lake City and took a camping trip down to Moab. (Their first of many.) They were looking for free BLM dispersed camping. And ended up picking up this shitty paper map at a welcome center with a hand-drawn map on it. They turned right at what they thought was the first fork in the road like the map showed. Well, turns out it wasn’t the right fork in the road. And they ended up 3,000 feet up this shady-feeling canyon edge aptly called Chicken Corner. Ironic since Kendra is deathly terrified of heights. Thankfully Tyler steered them to safety and they enjoy the rest of their adventure under the stars.

This was actually my first time in Mendocino and not that I was surprised by how much I loved it. But, this elopement truly reminded me how much I love California. We started in the redwoods for their ceremony and then headed to the coast for more portraits and the sunset. And I was reminded constantly throughout the day how amazing this state is and how truly blessed I feel to live.

Getting to witness and “officiate” Kendra and Tyler’s ceremony reminded me of why I truly love weddings and why I started my business. It was calmly quiet with the sun shining through all the redwood trees. We hiked about a mile up this massive hill. The hike to the actual ceremony spot was filled with sweat, heavy breathing, and a few frustrated curse words. But, when we finally made it. Kendra and Tyler changed and got all setup and had the most beautiful ceremony I have ever seen. They were both radiating with soo much love and affection.

I think this was truly the first time I have seen so much intention and thought behind choosing to elope just the two of them and writing vows that really demonstrate what they wanted moving into this next chapter together.

They had the cutest setup for their adult Lunchables as they call them for their Mendocino elopement. A wide assortment of crackers, cheese, and meats. That was very well deserved after the hike. And then their cake was from their favorite cupcake place James and the Giant Cupcake. And if you live in the Bay Area and have never been here. Then, you are seriously missing out!! They each had a tier of their favorite flavor which was delish. And if you’re hiking for your elopement and want to bring a cake I cannot recommend the box carry enough. The cake made the entire journey with no bumps or bruises in site!

“Together we’ve had so many amazing experiences. Nothing overseas just yet, but we’ve seen the West from Montana to Arizona, from California to Colorado, and everything in between. We love spending time in National Parks and backpacking in the remote wilderness. When we travel we try to plan as much as possible so we don’t miss obviously cool things, especially when it comes to National Parks and wilderness permits, but leave lots of room for spontaneity.” – Kendra and Tyler

After the Redwoods we headed to the coast. But, you truly can’t say you’ve had a Mendocino elopement unless you’re getting some photos by the ocean. The sun peaked out just a little for us before it hid behind more clouds. We had the entire cliff to ourselves and got to enjoy soaking in the scenery and the magical day we had just had.


Florals – Golden Coast Florals
Cake – James and the Giant Cupcake

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