Marshall’s Beach Proposal || Lyn & Hussein


Marshall’s Beach in San Francisco is one of the many beaches in SF you’ll find with breathtaking views of the Golden Gate Bridge. It’s only accessible during certain times of the date due to tide level. If you can get a clear view of the bridge you’ll have an absolutely stunning view.

Marshall’s beach is probably my new favorite beach in San Francisco. But beware like Baker Beach it is a nude beach so there may be some unique characters around.

I’d recommend parking at the overlook parking lot at Battery and Cranston. And then walking to the Batteries to Bluffs trail and hiking down to the beach from there. It can be a bit of a walk down so if possible wear closed toed shoes with some grip. And you 100% will sweat hiking back up to the top of the trail. It’s about a 15-20 minute hike so nothing crazy and definitely worth the trip!

Hussein reached out to me a few weeks before the proposal saying that him and his girlfriend were visiting San Francisco from Toronto. And he was planning to proposal at Marshall’s Beach and was wondering if I could help. Of course, I said I could and we began planning.

Marshall's Beach
Marshall's beach proposal
Proposal at Marshall's beach in San Francisco.

We talked about the location, timing, and I gave him tips for parking, getting there, and just some general dos and don’ts in SF. On the day of he sent me a pick of what they were wearing which I showed my boyfriend and amazing assistant. We messaged about what I would say so as to not raise any suspicions.

Girl running to guy at Marshall's Beach.

We arrived and I pretend to be getting photos of my boyfriend and then Hussein got down on one knee and proposed to Lyn. It was incredibly heart warming and filled with so much emotion.

It was quite literally one of the best reactions I’ve ever seen. And remind me of how amazing it is to witness moments like these. After they had a few moments to themselves. I introduced myself to Lyn and we had a short session after.

Some of my favorite photos ever! I feel like they could be a postcard for visiting San Francisco.

Marshall’s Beach Tips

  • Check tide levels so that you know the beach is accessible.
  • Park at the overlook parking lot at Battery and Cranston – DO NOT leave anything in your car. Car break-ins are absolutely terrible all over the Bay Area and it’s best to not leave ANYTHING in your car at all times.
  • Hike along Batteries to Bluffs trail following the signs to Marshall’s beach. It’s recommended that you wear close-toed shoes with some grip for the trail.
  • Bring a jacket and a blanket – this goes for anywhere in San Francisco. But, it doesn’t matter what the weather says definitely don’t forget this!

If you plan on making a trip to Marshall’s beach or really anywhere in San Francisco and want some photos to document your vacation or stay. I’d love to be apart of capturing those for you! San Francisco is filled with so many beautiful landmarks and unique places so let’s make it happen!

I love getting to photograph such meaning moments like these. It’s truly and honor that isn’t lost on me. Want to see another beautiful proposal, check out this Palace of Fine Arts Proposal.

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