Garden of the Gods Couples Session | Samantha + Patrick


This Garden of the Gods engagement session was one for the books. I love getting to take photos for my family. It’s absolutely one of the best parts of this “job”. Patrick is my cousin and even though we didn’t necessarily grow up together and I may not be his favorite cousin. Though I am definitely inching my way in there. I was so happy to visit him in Colorado Springs, Colorado. And I got to take photos of him and his girlfriend who basically played mom and dad for me while I was there! lol

Couple smiling at the camera in Garden of the Gods.
Man smiling and looking at woman while she smiles.
Man hugging woman from behind.
Man picking up woman from behind.
Man picking woman up and spinning her around.
Couple run towards the camera smiling.

I literally got to go and do nothing. And it was soooo needed and honestly what a privilege it was for me to be able to do that. This year has been absolutely crazy and there’s been so many changes for me personally. It’s been crazy busy for me in so many different directions.

But, this time that I got to spend on this Garden of the Gods engagement session reminded me why I love what I do. I went to Colorado with absolutely no plans in mind and no expectations. Which is the best way to travel in my opinion. Because I literally had a blast!

Couple kissing while sitting on rock bench.
Couple looking at each other and smiling.
Couple smiling while sitting in Garden of the Gods.
Couple sitting on rock bench smiling.
Man sticking his tongue out while holding woman while she laughs.
Couple squatting and looking serious.
Couple smiling looking at the camera in Colorado.

I kicked butt going up the Manitou Incline literally 1.5 miles of stairs, got to go to Garden of the Gods, and Denver. I’m already planning my next trip back. But, enough about me now onto Samantha and Patrick. I already mentioned that Patrick is my cousin and he’s been all around this world traveling for wrestling. He’s on the national team and his training and competing has taken him everywhere from Budapest to Cuba.

Couple smiling in Garden of the Gods.
Couple smiling while looking at each other in Garden of the Gods.
Man giving a piggy ride to woman while she laughs.
Man giving woman a piggy bake ride.
Guy giving girlfriend a piggy back ride.
Guy kissing girlfriend's cheek while she laughs.
Man kissing girlfriend's cheek.
Woman and man smiling at the camera.
Woman and man smiling at the camera.

Sam wrestled too and that’s where their love story began. I actually could have been there for the official night that they met but I’m a grandma and like to sleep thru New Year’s Eve. But anyway, the rest is history as they say.

These pictures pretty much describe them perfectly. Cute and in love but also slightly crazy.

One of my favorite things to do is adventuring to new places. Colorado Springs in general was beautiful and did not disappoint. And this Garden on the Gods engagement session was one of my favorite parts. Want to know more about working with me and what it’s like click here.

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