What to Wear For Family Photos?


If you’ve been thinking about getting family photos for a while but you you’re a little nervous in general or that your little won’t behave, you have no idea where you should take them or what you should even wear! Then please let me put all those worries to rest. 

You’d be amazed how many family photos I can get in just a mere 15 minutes. Which is the amount of time I usually suggest to families with kids 5 and under. It can be a lot of concentration for them and maybe they are hungry or just woke from a nap. Either way we’ll get some photos that you love in our short time together

I know it can be so important to

Planning For Family Photos

Family photos are such important memories that a lot of people don’t realize until it’s too late. Years from now you’ll be thinking I wish I got photos from that and remember how the kids used to do that. There’s no better time than now to start. I love pulling out the boxes of photos my mom took of me and my sisters when we were younger. Walking down memory lane of all the crazy stuff we used to do as kids and how cute we are is a feeling that is unmatched. And it’s an irreplaceable feeling that not many people get to experience. 

Trust me you’ll thank me and your kids will thank you for getting these unforgettable moments captured.

Don’t believe that 15 minutes is enough for family photos just take a look below at my beautiful sister’s family. I just want to say I’m biased but they are literally the cutest EVER!

I loved getting to see my sister’s family grow over time. It’s been one of the best part of being her sister and being her photographer. If you want to see more of my family work check out this session with the Idens.

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