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With technology so prevalent these days printing photos isn’t exactly at the top of anyone’s mind. But, you should know right now before reading any further how important to purchase prints and albums in general but more specifically from your photographer.

Don’t be like me. You’re iPhone inevitable breaks and or you need an upgrade. You go to the Apple store and they ask you that magical question. “Is everything backed up?” And you say yes because you kinda sort of remember setting that up and you think it syncs because you’re always on your laptop. You’re pretty sure the iCloud has your back and you just need a new phone ASAP. So then your phone is erased and you’re handed brand spanking new one empty.

You go to download all your photos only to realize that proof they’re all gone.

What the actual f*ck are you about to do now? They’re iPhone photos not the end of the world. But, what about your laptop….that dropped in the bathtub when you were trying to Netflix and chill. Maybe you’re lucky and you can at least go download your album photos from the photographer’s gallery. You go and look and the link’s not working. Yep, there’s an archival fee and you have to pay to have access to the photos because it’s been over a year. You pay because there’s nothing else to do. You hadn’t gotten them printed yet.


Seeing Value

With everything digital and easily accessible on phones, computers, or tablets it can be hard to see the value in printing photos. It literally seems like something our parents did. But, not us we’re smart. We keep them on devices that could crap out at any second and in the cloud where no one can see these photos that you literally paid thousands of dollars for. Because that makes SOOO much more sense.

Print your dang photos. Prints and albums can seem like a waste of money on the surface. But, think about the value they bring to a home. Wouldn’t it be weird to be in a home with no photos hanging? Doesn’t it seem weird that you would pay thousands of dollars but not print any photos from your wedding? To spend thousands on wedding photography and then have everything be “out of sight out of mind” is a disservice to your own investment.

I remember a couple of months ago my mom pulled out a shoebox of photos. They were all her old film photos that she used to take of my sisters and I. Going through them was probably the highlight of my whole month. Physically holding all the photos and remember this graduation and that family party. It made me sad to think about how everything is digital today. Taking photos is so much easier now but we don’t take the necessary steps to preserve those memories past a screen. Prints and albums are such precious heirlooms to pass on to your kids and grandkids. Albums tell the story of your celebration and allow you to relive every emotion that was felt that day.

Generic Vs. Your Photographer

Ok, so maybe you do print your photos. You go down to the nearest Walmart or Walgreens or maybe Shutterfly is having a sale and so you print them all. I’d be lying if I’d say I had printed anything at Walgreens either. There’s definitely a time, place, and budget. But, mind you right now I’m also not married. I’ve printed like iPhone photos. (Don’t judge me.)

But, your wedding photos oh, no no no. Heck no, any photos that you pay to have professionally taken. NO. That could be anything from family portraits, engagements, maternity, events, the list goes on. Why would you waste your investment like that?

Please print through your photographer. Please. And if they don’t offer prints then let me speak to that photographer so they can explain to me why. Let me give you a metaphor. Getting prints through Walgreens or Shutterfly or any other basic generic store is like when you see those restaurants that offer Chinese food, burgers, pasta, pizza, burritos, and sandwiches. Like do you really trust anything that they make there? They can’t be good at making everything! So, instead, you’ll go to a local pizzeria because you know they make pizza that’s it and it’s amazing.

Basic generic stores being that funky restaurant and your photographer being the one that specializes. But, you might say well Shutterfly only does prints and albums and photos. So, why can’t I use them they’re cheaper than my photographer? Because it’s still about quality. The way you’re ordering photos off of Shutterfly is the exact same way you would at Walgreens and so you’re results will look the same.

How To

Ok, finally I have convinced you of their importance. You’re starting to come over to the good side. But, how the heck do you these prints. Simple from your gallery. Most photographers deliver their galleries through a system with a shop set up. The two most common are Pixiset and Pic-time.

I personally use Pic-time so the photos below showing you how to order will all be of the Pic-time interface.

finding the print shop in Pic-time interface - prints and album

Clicking this button will lead you to the shop where when you scroll you’ll see this interface. You can purchase, matted frames, lay-flat albums, greeting cards, calendars, gallery boards, magazines, prints, print packs, frames, canvas prints, deckled prints, hardcover books, and fine art albums.

album and print shop in Pic-time

When you click on the option of fine art albums you’ll be taken to this interface where you can preview an album with 10 spread. This a preview of what your slides would look like. You add pages in between or after and you can edit any way you. Basically creating a virtual album for you to preview before you order the real deal.

creating and album - prints and album

I also LOVE designing albums so if this process seems way too overwhelming and you can’t quite decide what pictures to choose to feel free to shoot me an email I’d love to help out! Plus I have so many more layout that aren’t offered in the above option.

Prints and Albums


I personally offer prints in a variety of different sizes including:

3.5 x 5”, 4 x 6”, 4.5 x 6”, 5 x 5”, 5 x 7”, 5 x 7.5”, 6 x 8”, 6 x 9”, 8 x 8”, 8 x 10”, 8 x 12”, 10 x 10”, 10 x 13”, 10 x 15”, 11 x 14”, 12 x 16”, 16 x 20”, 16 x 24”, 20 x 24”, 20 x 30”, 24 x 36”, 30 x 30”, 30 x 40”, 40 x 60”.

Yea, I know we got LOTS of options. And you can get all of them in either semi-gloss, matte, or fine art.


Albums are not only great gifts for your home but, also your parents.

Typically a 10 x 10” are purchased by the couple for their home yea I know a great coffee table piece type of situation and then the 8 x 8” makes an amazing present for parents for Christmas or maybe as a thank you for all their love and support!

I personally partner with Red Tree albums to make albums and other fine art books. The quality and craftsmanship is actually insane. I have a sample album and when it came in my jaw literally hit the floor. They are more than worth the price and the options for cover textures are whoa. Just take a look below.

There’s nothing quite like looking at an album. As you flip through the pages you see the story unfold in the just the YOU imagined; it’s beautiful. You get to reminisce and look back and remember a day filled with so much love. That’s truly the best part.

If you have any questions about prints and albums don’t be afraid to drop them below I’d love to help!

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