Kauai Beach Engagement Photos | Emily + Jared


Beach engagement photos are always a good idea. Whenever a couple asks me to go to the beach for their photos I always get SOOO excited! I will literally go to the beach any day of the week any time of day. And when the photos turn out like Emily and Jared’s it’s no telling why beach engagement photos are my favorite.

Is there ever a bad time to go to the beach? I mean I guess during like a lightning storm….but, seriously a day at the beach is never a bad day. Emily and Jared were so cute! We were on a Kauai beach for their engagement session on the Northside of the island. I mean there aren’t really any bad beaches when you’re in Hawaii. However, in case you were wondering I think we were on Anahalo Beach.

This Kauai beach engagement session was straight goals all around. Both Emily and Jared were literally coaching each other on how to properly pose and we just sat back and watched them do their thing! They were down to get wet and dirty and which is the best part of going to the beach! You’ll get home and find sand in places you didn’t know possible. Or maybe that’s just me! 

Emily and Jared met when he came over to move her roommate’s couch. And the rest was history as they say. They were so playful and just willing and open to any and all suggestions. Which always makes for the best pictures! I mean just take a look at them for yourself!

Preparing For Your Beach Engagement Photos

Some quick tips about preparing for your beach engagement photos. Shoes are 100% optional. Especially if you’re in Hawaii. I can’t imagine why’d you want to wear shoes there. I’d also recommend packing an extra change of clothes and towels because you never know how dirty you might get and a wave might just sneak up on you!

Pack some water and light snacks. We’ll mostly be running around the beach and if you’ve ever run in sand you know it can be quite a workout!! Don’t worry I’ll be sure to give you guys a break but trust me you will be tried afterward and it’s always better to be prepared.

So, if you’re thinking about beach engagement photos. And you’re in Hawaii trust me you’re in for a treat and you will not be disappointed! The options for beach photos are endless! You can stay wet or dry but with the weather in Hawaii don’t be surprised if I just in with you!

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