Is A First Look For Me?

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So, you’ve started planning your wedding day timeline and one of the things you can’t decide on is whether or not to do a first look. I mean you’ve always been a traditionalist and seeing each other before the ceremony is bad luck right? But, at the same time you’ve seen these first look photos and they look stunning. Like actually breath taking? You want a moment like, don’t you?

It can be a tough decision. And there are definitely pros and cons to both. So let’s discuss it and hopefully by the end you can make a decision that’s best for you.

At A Glance

Before I get into all the nitty gritty of the pros and cons. Let’s just quickly look at this quiz. It should hopefully in a nutshell give you a starting point and see how your feeling about.

Is a first look for you?

Are You Traditional?

Are you a hard nose traditionalist and are going for the big white wedding with the big dress the 500 people, etc? Yes? Then, you probably don’t want to do a first look. I’m willing to bet you’re a firm believer in it’s bad luck to see the groom before and if you truly believe that then it will be so just let him see for the first time as you walk down the aisle.

Maybe, you don’t know. You’re pretty traditional and want to keep some traditions like something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. But, not all of them like the separating the sides for the ceremony. So, you’re kinda on the fence for the first look. Honestly, you should do whatever feels right. Maybe taught to some other brides and see their thoughts.

All I will say is that first looks give the bride and groom a special moment that’s just the two of them; a moment that’s very hard to get in such a hectic day. And first looks, give you the opportunity for two special moments. Trust me, your going to look amazing and even when he see’s you a second time walking down the aisle you’ll still take his breath away.

Do you think you’ll be anxious on the big day?

It’s totally normal to feel overwhelmed, anxious, and nervous on your wedding. There are so many different moving parts from the vendors, to families meeting, to the commitment. A lot is happening at once and if you’re the type of person that feels these types of emotions often or you think you might be overwhelmed by them at all. I would 100% consider a first look.

I guarantee you that you’ll feel 100% more relaxed walking down the aisle after having a first look. Almost all couples say their nerves immediately calm down once they lay their eyes on their partner. But, maybe you thrive off nervous so that then maybe don’t do a first look.

Do you want as many pictures as possible?

I feel like the obvious answer is DUHHHH. But, hey ya never know?? A first look gives your photographer even MORE opportunities for photos. How, you might ask?

Well, let me feel you in. You’ll obviously get this moment captured which is already one more moment than without it. But, then you’ll also have time to do some wedding party pictures before perhaps even some family portraits. This way, after your ceremony you have even more time for pictures or more time with guests. Either way is a win win.

So, is a first look for you?

Well, you’ve been reading along what do you think? It is of the utmost importance that you do whatever feels best to you. If you truly think that seeing each is bad luck before the wedding. That’s exactly what will happen. But, if you’re ok with then everything else will fall into place.

There’s no right or wrong decision. Just the right energy. For, some inspiration and check out this Pinterest board here.

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