Elopement Details: What are they and why do they matter?

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I know you’re probably thick in wedding planning mode and making lots of decisions. One of the things that can elevate your day is your elopement details. Everyone knows about wedding details I’m sure you’ve seen them hundreds of times lots of photos you have the shows, the veil, invitation suite, etc. And while elopement details can be some of the same things they can also be some other things.

Some of the fun details Hadley and Khalil included were fun photo booth photos. They were of one of their first dates, vow books, and their dog. Thisbee didn’t come with us on their San Francisco elopement. But, she was there during the getting ready and in spirit.

Now what exactly are elopement details and why are they important? Details are the small things or maybe even people or animals that are an essential part of your love story. It can be something as small as a pin you got on your first vacation together. Or maybe your kids (fur or human) that make up your little family. Sharing with your photographer and or videographer who the most important people in your day are. Or sharing why you decided to add this bracelet or that other thing. That helps them know when and where to pay extra attention.

Details show intention on your wedding day.
They elevate the day and experience.
They make your day unique to you!
And they’re just fun!

I love the elopement details Kendra and Tyler included in their elopement. Their cake was from their favorite bakery and each layer was each of their favorite flavors. The charcuterie board was actually a repurposed piece of wood that they found while scouting their perfect elopement location spot. And of course, they have their rings and vow books.

Some details to think about including in your day are:

Ring boxes 
Invitation suites
Vow books
Jewelry – earrings, bracelets, necklaces, ankles (for all my brides check out this blog for some of the best places for bridal wear)
Perfume or cologne – think a signature scent or maybe just a smell you want to remember with the day

Jamie and Bon had some more traditional details like her veil and the cufflinks that Jamie gifted him for their wedding. But, then they also had some unique details like each of them wearing their own culture’s wedding attire. Jamie in a Chinese garb and Bon in a Filipino garb.

Unique Elopement Details

While I love all of the items and things I mentioned about a lot of those those things aren’t unique to elopements. So, what are some unique elopement details you can include? 

MAP – especially if you’re getting married in a national park or outside in nature a map is a great detail to add to the rest of your accessories

JUST ELOPEMENT SIGNS- these are super cute when hiking and eloping the mountains or redwoods tying these to your backpack similar principal to the cans being tied to the car at the end of a wedding

NEWSPAPER ANNOUNCEMENT – or really just any elopement announcement type card or sign. These are great if you eloped with just the two of you and plan to send announcements out to friends and family.

POSTCARD – from your elopement location or home. This is similar to the map in just adding another layer of sentimental value.

Karina and Kyle had a few special touches on their day. Karin included her grandmother’s bracelet on her wedding bouquet. And their cake-cutting utensils were also family heirlooms. Little touches throughout the day can make all the difference.

Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box. Again, the whole point in including details from your day is to speak to your unique story and love. So, if that means a menu from your favorite restaurant, a pendant from your grandma, or your furry best friend include them or maybe something representative of them!

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