Beach Wedding in California | Sherri + Thomas


There are so many beautiful places in Big Sur that you can elope to. You can literally just pull off to the side of the road. Which is basically what we did. This cliff-side “elopement” in Big Sur was truly magical. Sunrise is one of my favorite times of the day. It never gets old watching the lighting change. Eloping in Big Sur is a one of a kind experience not just because you’re eloping but because of the place you have chosen to say your vows.

What was so nice with a spot like this is we basically had it to ourselves with no one else around. And then when we moved to where the succulents were it started to mist a little and the lighting was FIRE!

Elopements are so special because they allow the couple and whoever else might be there to remain focused on what’s important. The couple and the love. Everyone can stay calm and free of worrying about all that irrelevant stuff. You don’t have to do anything to appease anyone other than yourself. It’s a sure-fire way to make sure YOU get exactly the wedding that YOU want because that’s honestly what you deserve most. Moments like that you can’t get a do-over and you shouldn’t need to.

Sherri and Thomas are high school sweethearts and just the cutest couple ever. It got a little steamy on the beach this morning because you could tell so deeply how much they cared for one another.

If you are thinking about eloping in Big Sur I hope these photos convince you to go for it! There are really no bad spots in Big Sur. This short hike right off of highway 1 was amazing. And I also really love Garapata State Beach. I try to stop there whenever I’m in town.

couple about to kiss cliff side elopement big sur
guy kissing girl on forehead cliff side elopement big sur
couple intimate moments cliff side elopement big sur
couple looking out to ocean cliff side elopement big sur
couple simple dip cliff side elopement big sur
couple smiling cliff side elopement big sur
couple hip bumping cliff side elopement big sur
couple embracing about to kiss cliff side elopement big sur
guy kissing girl's hands cliff side elopement big sur

Thinking of eloping in Big Sur. Check out this engagement and this elopement at Garapata State beach for more inspiration.

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