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Couple dancing while walking during their Palm Springs wedding.

This was my first time visiting Palm Springs and let’s just say this Palm Springs Wedding did not disappoint! It’s crazy how big California is and how you can live in a state basically your entire life and realize that you’ve really seen maybe 10% of it.

Palm Springs Wedding || Jesy + Indiana

photo by Joshua tree photographer Torez Marrguerite

Being a Joshua tree photographer presents its own challenges and rewards. A desert is a rough place. This weekend caught us in the middle of a wind storm and freezing temperatures not what you would expect from Joshua Tree at the end of March. Not the warm and toasty “vacation” weather I was hoping for. But, nonetheless, all of the couples I had the opportunity to photograph were absolutely amazing. Powered through the weather and made it all an unforgettable trip.

Joshua Tree Photographer || Lena + Ian