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What to Wear For Engagement Photos

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One of the most popular questions wedding photographers get is what a couple should wear for engagement photos. Now, I personally give all my couples a style guide that goes into depth about outfits depending on the place, vibe, and style. I show examples and try to give ideas to help anyone as best I can. I also give my couples a guide on my whole process and working with me and how the experience is going to be for them. But, maybe your photographer hasn’t yet or you are just scouring the internet and landed here. Either way, I’m here to help!

So, I’m going to give you some of my best tips and advice on what you should wear for your engagement photos. I think the best part of engagement photos is that you can take pictures in multiple outfits and basically be a model for a day!

Coordinate Don’t Match

Yes, there is a subtle distinction. Matching is white top, jeans, white shoes, coordinating is each of you using your color palette in different ways. Maybe he’s wearing a striped button-up with a vest and your dress is the same color as the stripes.

When deciding what to wear for your engagement photos, wear similar colors but in different ways is the key. That way you look guys together but not so matchy-matchy. If you’re really set on matching I would recommend bringing one casual outfit that matches. You can never go wrong with a white top and blue jeans and then maybe another outfit that’s a little more adventurous.

couple engagement photos in Kauai Hawaii

Use a Palette

When I’m talking about a palette think of tones in a similar family. Decide if you’re more into the earth tones, pastels, neutrals, blue tones, or warm tones and from there you’ll be able to decide on outfits that work with this palette or don’t.

Some typical color palettes are shown below. I think something else that’s important to keep in mind is the season in which you’re taking the photos in or the season of your wedding. I’ve had some couples that are getting married in the fall or winter time so they want their pictures to reflect that. Which also helps them decide on the location. Spring is typically more light tones and pastels while wintertime is typically darker moody colors.

color palettes for what to wear for your engagement photos
if you can wear yellow props to you

Skin Tones

I think most women are aware of what kind of tones look best with their skin. When picking out foundation you pick this is super important whether you know it or not. You have more red, yellow, blue, or orange under tones in your skin which basically help you choose a foundation. This is also where a preference of whether you like silver or gold jewelry comes in place. For the most part we all know when gold or silver look better on us and you probably gravitate towards one whether you realize it or not.

I would take these undertones into consideration when planning out what to wear for your engagement photos. Cooler skin tones typically look better with silver jewelry and wearing colors like blues, whites, light grays, pastels, and lighter pinks. While warmer skin tones look better with oranges, yellows, olives, purples, and gold jewelry.

Shop At the Same Store

If you’re seriously struggling with coordinating and finding colors within the same family when in doubt shop from the same store. Stores usually carry the same color in both men’s and women’s items throughout the store. So without a doubt, if you decide to shop in the same store you’ll know that your coordination game will be on point!

Some of my favorite stores to shop at for both men and women are:

J. Crew

Banana Republic


Lucky Brand




Confidence is Key

The bottom line no matter how much advice I give you, confidence is key. If you feel beautiful that’s what will show through in the photos. So, pick something you feel comfortable and confident and when in doubt bring ALL of the options, and you and your photographer can figure it out together!

couple engagement photos in Big Sur California

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