5 Places to NOT Cut in Your Wedding Budget

5 Places to NOT Cut in Your Wedding Budget

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It can be super overwhelming to plan a wedding. You’ve most likely have never done this before and don’t even know where to start. You start looking at photographers, venues, and everything else and before you know it you’re looking at this really BIG number. Planning a wedding budget can be hard. You have no idea what kind of price you should be paying for literally ANYTHING!

You’re shopping around and getting different quotes and just seeing what’s out there and can be hard to choose especially when you want to all fit nicely into that number that you picked. If you’re trying to create a wedding budget or trying to decide where to cut budget here are 5 places to absolutely NOT cut in your wedding budget.


I’m seriously not just saying this because I’m a photographer. Think about all the work that you’re about to put into this one day. The hours of planning and deciding. The preparation all the little fights and build up to this day. Just think of all the thought put in by everyone involved not just you. Imagine not having a single photo that you like or feel good about.

That literally breaks my whole heart. When you pay for a photographer you’re not just paying for someone to come and snap photos and give them back to you. No no no you’re paying for a whole experience. For them to make sure you look like a million bucks on your day. So, they can properly back up all of your photos so nothing is lost. For them to deliver your gallery back to you in a timely manner. For them to give you literally the best experience possible whatever that might mean for you.

The photos (and possibly video) are the only things that you take from the whole day. They’ll show all the details and moments of that day and you want them to be captured by someone that you trust and someone that you know has your back. Seriously, do you research your due diligence and make sure that your photographer is the absolute best person for your wedding.

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Video for your wedding budget is one of those things where it may not seem like something you need and can easily cut but think again. Photos help you remember the day and they will likely be what you hang around your house. Gravitate towards posting on social media and bringing out to show friends, family, and future children. But, video captures it all real and in the moment for you to visually see and hear.

I think even if you think you can’t afford the whole big sha-bang you should at least see if someone that is just getting started in the industry can work some magic or even just raw footage of the day. Trust me you’ll thank me later.

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Get married in a place that you’re excited too! This is the place you’ll have your photos and have memories in. This place will be all over your walls and hold such a special place in your heart whether you realize it or not. But, take your time. Make sure it’s the right fit in your budget, what you looking for, and you can see your self saying I do. That’s the most important part!


Hire a planner. Put that in your wedding budget. Or at the very least hire a day-of-coordinator. Some venues have them includes which is definitely a plus. But, if they don’t HIRE ONE. Seriously, they will put your mind at ease. You’ll feel like someone has your back the entire day and looking out for all those extra little details to make sure your day goes as smoothly as possible.

I seriously cannot tell you how much better you’ll feel knowing someone can make sure all the vendors arrive on time and to the correct place. They set up where they are suppose and any other details that you shouldn’t be worried about. You should be drinking champagne, getting ready, and getting excited to marry your best friend!

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Anything Else That Matters to YOU!

I’m leaving this one open to you! Because every single couple is different. What may be important to one couple may not be to another. And it’s so important when you’re discussing your budget to figure out those things that are besides the ones listed above. It could be flowers, the DJ, the food, the dress, or whatever you feel is a top priority for your wedding.

There are so many different moving pieces. As you are putting everything together it’s important to remember what’s most important to you. When you remember what matters the most to you you’re bound to have the wedding of your dreams!

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