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Whatever season of life your family is in right now I would love to capture it for you! From the first couple of steps with the littles to finally taking pictures after years. Sometimes getting the family all together can be challenging I know first hand but when you make time to have these memories photographed you'll forever be grateful.

UPDATE - After March 2021 I will no longer be taking any new clients for family session! I will only be photographing them during my mini sessions that happen twice a year! 

Follow Along

$440 - includes 60 minutes of shooting time and up to 8 family members. Perfect for families that need a bit more time in front of the camera. Includes 40+ images.

$280 - includes 30 minutes of shooting time and up to 5 family members. Great for individual milestones, a small family session, or senior session. Includes 20+ images.

$200 - includes 15 minutes of shooting time and up to 5 individuals. Great for a quick family session. Includes 15+ images.

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Hi! It's me, Torez (but you can call me T because I know we're going to be friends) and I'm pretty sure you're going to ask if it's pronounced Ter-rez or Ter-res even though I really don't notice the different between the two.
Carbs are literally my love language and I will eat a cupcake at any time of the day! And I’ve been known to eat a pint of ice cream in a night… (cherry vanilla is my fav) And I am always always ALWAYS down for a good adventure.  

The bay area will always be my home through and through! I was born and raised by a single parent and so family means absolutely everything thing to me. They are literally my biggest supporters and ultimate hype crew. 

I truly wouldn't be where I am today without those amazing people. Graduating was such a milestone for not only me but for them as well. It takes a village as they say.

If you have any questions about seriously anything! 

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