Fall Photoshoot Ideas for Couples || Caitlin + Chris

Fall Photoshoot Ideas for Couples || Caitlin + Chris


It can be fall coming up with fall photoshoot ideas. The holidays are coming up and you want to get photos done early so you can be on top of holiday cards! Well, trust me the redwoods should be at the top of your list, at least for one year. I’ve lived in the Bay Area my whole life. Aside from the 4 years spent on the east coast for college. And yet, this was the first I can remember first this incredible park. The Redwood regional park is truly stunning. If it hadn’t been raining this weekend I definitely would have made another trip. In the Bay, we are so incredibly lucky to live close to places like this! If you’ve ever looked for a place to clear you head and just take some time for yourself then look no further.

The holiday season is finally upon us. Christmas is literally my favorite time of the year! I will belt Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas” in November because yes I am one of those that believe Christmas season literally starts November first. And please don’t try and convince me otherwise.

I’ve been dying to get up north to the Redwood National Park. That desire had only grown and I’m absolutely determined to make it to all of the national park located in California next year! I definitely can’t wait for another trip to this park once the rain stop here in Bay Area. Whether it be for pictures or just a quiet escape. Can’t go wrong with either.

Besides all of the calm that this place brings it was absolutely perfect place to take some holiday photos for one of my really good friends from Lululemon – Mrs. Caitlin Leatham. Or as I like to call her Kenny.

Caitlin and Chris went on a belated honeymoon to Australia in October. And a couple of weeks after coming home she asked me to take pictures for her and her hubby. I felt so honored. As I continue to pursue photography the out pouring of support from both family and friends always amazes me. Caitlin and Chris were married last October and it was so fun just to hang out with them and just reflex on the past year and how they’ve grown together as a couple.

There are so many fall photoshoot ideas, but this one in the Redwoods is by far my favorite. The redwood forest is like no other place and is a little escape here in the Bay. Want some more information on the Reinhardt Regional Redwood Park check out some more information here.

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