Couples Photographer || Autumn + Kellen

Couples Photographer || Autumn + Kellen


I absolutely love being an SF photographer especially a couples photographer. Getting to take photos at the Sutro Baths in San Francisco is always icing on the cake of what I do. It’s definitely one of my favorite spots in the city and that’s saying a lot. The Sutro baths is definitely a hot tourist spot. You can find it around the corner from Ocean Beach on the far side of the city. It’s right pass the Cliff House restaurant if you’re driving along Ocean Beach first.

The Sutro baths were created to provide a healthy, inexpensive, recreational swimming facility for San Francisco way back in the 1890’s. What you see now was once inside a structure that housed around 7 pools and could accommodate 10,000 people! It’s literally so crazy to think about, if you want to know a little bit more of the history check out the National Park Service website here. I love getting to know a little bit about the history of the place. Especially since being a couples photographer has taken me to some truly incredible places. Getting to know a little bit more about the history gives you a different perspective and a little more respect when visiting. Especially when looking at place like the Sutro Baths it amazing that this place is still around for us to experience in some way.

I met Autumn while working at Lululemon when I first starting working there part time after college in 2018. Geez, that seems like another lifetime ago. When I first thought couples photography might be something I want to photograph more of I couldn’t think of a better couple to ask. I didn’t met Kellen until we were at the Baths in San Francisco. Autumn mentioned multiple times at work that he was 6’7.” And even still when I met him and I was still surprised. Even though my brother-in-law is 6’9” I’m still like woah.

Anyway these lovebirds killed it and looked absolutely stunning together! Both so incredibly sweet, genuine, and fun! Can’t wait to be there when he pops the question next time!!

I love being a couples photographer and really getting to see how love looks soo different on everyone. There are so many sweet moments that I get to be apart of. And that makes me thank each and every day.

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