Beach Couples Photoshoot || Tea + Cam

Beach Couples Photoshoot || Tea + Cam


Ocean beach may not be my favorite beach in the city but with competition like Baker Beach there’s just really no comparison. Ocean beach is located on the far far side of San Francisco away from ALL of the craziness. I remember coming here as a kid when my mom started to get really into photography and we took some portraits. Those are some of my favorite photos of myself. They’re hanging in my mom’s living room as we speak and one made an appearance on my instagram a couple years back.

Spots like Ocean Beach are located all over the city you just have to know how to find them. What’s really nice about ocean beach is it’s just a quick way away from the soccer field in Golden Gate park. And you can make a bon fire there which is probably the only place in all of the Bay Area. The nudity is nonexistent unlike at Baker Beach. And you’ll have plenty of space to do your own thing and with people carrying on about their own business. But, beware you’re still in San Francisco. If you know you know.

I met Tea last year while working at Lululemon and we insistently clicked. We’re slightly sarcastic and sassy but love to get DOWN on the dance floor. So, to say I was pumped to do this couples session is an understatement. Tea and Cam have been dating for a little over 2 years now. They have been through so much together and still have such a beautiful and sweet relationship.

I never even feel like I’m third-wheeling hard when I hang out with them. These two are dream clients, up for anything and everything that I asked them to do. I could have asked them to get in the water and they would have thought about it and then said F it! Love these two dearly and we got an epic golden hour in SF. Which if you’re from the Bay you know is RARE!!

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couple embracing ocean beach san francisco
couple sitting and cuddling ocean beach san francisco
couple laughing ocean beach san francisco
couple sitting kissing each other ocean beach san francisco
couple holding hands ocean beach san francisco

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