Arizona Photographer || Danielle + Ron

Arizona Photographer || Danielle + Ron


This session was so so special for me! For multiple reason one because this is my beautiful sister and she is carrying my new niece or nephew. They decided to switch things up from their beach session we had last February to the beautiful Arizona Garden located at Stanford in Palo Alto, California. And it gave me all the feels of being an Arizona photographer.

Since we live in the Bay Area we are fortunate enough to have so many different and amazing garden open to us. There’s the UC Berkeley Botanical Garden, Ruth Bancroft Garden, and San Francisco has a couple different as well. The Arizona Garden is so nice 1) because its free – yea that’s right I said it not having to pay a fee to take some photos is BOMB 2) is really secluded and kinda of a hidden gem – at least for now.

I love getting to take photos of my beautiful family. My sister and her husband are just hoping for a healthy baby as any couple does and it waiting for his or her arrival to find out the gender. We all have a hunch that it’s a boy but that could be more hope than anything else. I have two sister’s and my middle sister also has a daughter. For the longest time it was all girls and the only boys were our animals! Honestly, it’d be nice to mix it up a bit. But, we’re all happy with a healthy baby no matter the gender.

I remember when she told all of us she was pregnant. I literally cried. Like cried. From literally so much happiness. To say it came as a complete sock would be an understatement. But, I have never met a couple more ready to be parents. I know their baby will be so loved. I CANNOT wait to be an aunt again to a baby. Ages 0 to 5 are my jam and the baby smell. March can’t come fast enough!

Want to see more session idea check this post out here located in Danville at the Sugarloaf Open Space or this session here at the Sutro Baths in San Francisco!

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