40 Questions to Ask Before Booking Your Wedding Venue

40 Questions to Ask Before Booking Your Wedding Venue

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If you have started planning your wedding then you’ve definitely started looking at wedding venues. There are so many different venues to consider from hotels and golf clubs to private property or your own back yard. You may already have an idea of your dream wedding venue or venues but, here are 40 questions you should ask before booking your wedding venue.

The first 30 should be asked for any venue unless the answer is obvious. Like you can clearly see the parking lot and amount of space. While the last 10 are couple or venue specific depending if the venue is outside or at hotel, etc.

1. What is the availability around our ideal dates? Is my date available?

This one may seem like a no brainer but there are literally 80,000 things running through your mind and you may very well forget the most important question for your wedding venue.

2. Are any other weddings happening that day?

If the venue has multiple ceremony or reception spots they might have more than wedding going on the same day so always better to double-check.

3. How much is the deposit?

4. What’s your cancellation policy?

And if worldly events happen is there a rescheduling fee. Or at what point is my payment nonrefundable?

5. Are there any extra costs?

This could be any add-ons or permits or anything thing else. Basically, is the number you giving the only number I need to worry about?

 7. What are the terms of payment/when do we need to pay?

6. When do we need the final headcount / what is the last possible date for changes?

8. Is wedding insurance required?

And if it is what are the benefits of it, how does it protect me?

9. Is there a service charge or what is the tipping policy?

10. Can we only use the vendors that you provide?

This is also a good time to ask if your vendors need to provide any extra liability insurance or anything else.

11. Do you have public liability insurance?

12. When can vendors set up the day of?

Important to note this to let your vendors know or your wedding planner.

13. Is there a wedding coordinator?

14. Do you have any decoration rules?

Can anything be hanging from the veiling or trees, etc?

15. What time do guests have to leave the venue?

16. Who is responsible for setting up and taking down decor? When does it need to be completed?

Does the venue have a cleanup crew or would be in charge of that?

17. What is the venue capacity for a seated meal?

May need to know this if you plan on having a large guest count.

18. Do you have tables and chairs? And can we see them?

19. When can rental companies deliver them ahead of the wedding?

20. Are we allowed confetti?

or does it need to be biodegradable?

21. Is there a bridal suite on-site?

Ideally, yes to help both you and your photographer!

22. Do you have any photographer limitations?

23. Do we need to have the music off at a certain point?

23. What AV equipment do you offer?  (Speakers, a PA, mics, iPod docs, sockets etc).

So, you know if the DJ you hire needs to have this equipment?

24. What is your pricing for bartending / alcohol? Open bar?

Ayyyyyee. Priorities am I right!?

25. Can we bring our own alcohol? If so, what is the charge for corkage?

If you’re anything like my family my sister had an open bar but we still brought the top-shelf tequila 🙂

26. Do you offer catering?

Or do I have to use your caterer? Is it a sit-down or buffet-style meal and do I a choice?

27. Do you offer tastings?

28. Is there a fee for bringing our own cake or desserts?

29. Can you cater for those with special requirements and allergies?

30. Can we see your drinks/bar menu and pricing?

If you decide not to have an open bar but still want to serve hard liquor.

invitation suite for hawaii wedding
invitation suite by Pink by Peach

other questions that you might want to consider depending on the venue

31. May I have all three events — Ceremony, Cocktail Hour & Reception all on-site?

You may have to have the ceremony and reception at different sites.

32. What is your policy on inclement weather? Is there a backup location?

Are there tents in the event of rain? Or heater in case it’s cold?

33. Do you include rooms in the wedding package?

34. Can we stay the night before?

35. Can we block book rooms for our guests?

36. Will there be ample parking?

37. What does the venue look like at night?

38. Is the venue handicap accessible?

39. Have you a fixed list of approved vendors or can we bring our own?

40. Can we have fireworks/food trucks/horse and carriage/lawn games/kids activities etc? (Basically any special requirements or dealbreakers.)

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