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20 Ideas for Your City Elopement

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If you’re thinking about eloping and are a city person at heart then this post is for you. Having a city elopement can be such a fun unique experience filled with just as much adventure around the corner as any other elopement. You don’t need those mountainous views or a 7 mile hike to make sure you get those awesome epic pictures. In your local city or maybe a different city that you love or even want to visit you can get some fun not-so-typical elopement photos and have the experience of a life time. Here are 20 ideas and inspirations for your city elopement.

1. Catch some epic city views

There’s no way you’re eloping in a city without getting it’s epic skyline or building that sit it apart from any other city. Whether it’s the the Transamerica building, Coit Tower, or some other place. You want all the city vibes so let’s make sure you capture that.

2. Cross a Bridge

Quite literally, not just figuratively. You’ll notice that most major cities are new water. So, for your city elopement cross that bridge or get a little sneak of it in the background. It’s 100% a landmark and you can’t go to a place like San Francisco with getting some pics at the Golden Gate Bridge.

Couple kissing at the Golden Gate Bridge.

3. In corporate city transport

Ok, hear me out on this one. I know the subway and or bart aren’t the cleanness places but who doesn’t love some background motion or getting many people to tell you congratulations while you parade around public transport. Better yet, imagine how cute some pictures on the trolley cars will look.

4. Use the Architecture of Government Buildings

If you’re getting married at city hall than including some time to get photos around the building is a must! Just take a look at San Francisco City Hall one of the most gorgeous city halls in probably all of the U.S. This is a perfect way to get some more traditional photos to!

Couple Eiskmo kissing in San Francisco City Hall.

5. Catch some Vitamin Sea

I’m bringing back to the water because doesn’t a boat ride sound like so much! Unless you get sea sick then maybe not. But otherwise, a fun boat cruise around the Bay or your local city could be so fun especially on a warm sunny day.

6. Include Your Furry Child

Please please please, include your furry child. If you’re like most millennials you probably consider your dog or cat your child. And wouldn’t you love to include them somehow whether it be before your ceremony or after photos of their persense are definitely a must.

Groom dressing dog for his elopement.

7. Try doing an Outfit Change

Who doesn’t love an outfit change. Maybe you go from formal to casual or a long dress to short dress. Neutral colored outfit to a colorful outfit. Options are endless, you could even just include some fun accessories like glasses or leather jackets and have a blast.

8. Find Fun Murals

And no I don’t mean graffiti unless that’s what you want. But, most cities have such pretty and also meaningful murals throughout their side street or like in SF a whole alley dedicated to them.

9. Get some Photos after Sunset

Flash photography can be so fun and different than your average wedding or elopement photos so don’t be afraid to wait till just after sunset get those real flashing photos.

10. Pop Something Bubbly

Who doesn’t love a good champagne bottle pop followed by a glass of the bubbly. Or if you don’t drink and or are in nature you can always pop some sparklingly water for the same effect.

11. Rent a Fun Car

Couple sitting on the back of a car.

If you’re a classic car lover or just want to travel around the city in style then this is perfect for you! Trust me it’s worth the splurge! You can watch a beautiful sunset from Marin Headlands or maybe ride away to Napa or Sonoma limo style.

12. Get a drink at your favorite local spot

If you’re a local to the city and you decide to elope, grab a drink at your local watering hole. All dressed up maybe you can convince the bartender to give them to you on the house. Everyone has their go to drink I know I do! Plus a little alcohol definitely gets the juices flowing.

13. Explore the Skies with a Helicopter Tour

Most major cities have some fun helicopter tours that can give you the bird’s eye view you never knew you needed. Talk about a once in a lifetime opportunity! My biggest recommendation would be to check and see if the date is flexible depending on the weather. I’m sure you know the Bay Area and Karl are besties and there’s no point of the aerial tour if all you’re seeing is gray.

14. Find those unique spots

Every city has something unique to them whether it be some tiled step or an alley of bubble gums. Find those hidden gems that make your city the best. San Francisco has some unique spots that can really add some adventure and fun to your day. Like Spark Social in the Dog Patch or Sutro Baths.

15. Eat Something Sweet

Cake for an eloping couple.

As a huge sweet lover, how can you not want to include a cake, cupcake, or any other sweet treat. It’s always been love since first bite.

16. Have an After-Party at with Friends and Family

Couple dancing with family after their elopement.

Just because you’re eloping doesn’t mean you can’t include family during some part of your day. Make reservations or reserve a portion of a restaurant and have a party with your closest friends and family.

17. Say Your Vows at a Place that Means the Most to You

One of the best parts about eloping is getting to chose the place you say your vows. Whether that be at city hall or somewhere else in the city you can chose some place that means the most to you!

18. Wear a Colorful Dress or something non-traditional

There are no rules when you’re eloping or getting married for that matter. Meaning you can wear whatever you want, so maybe white isn’t your thing. Consider a colorful dress, suit, or attire to spice it up.

19. Do Something You Love Together

What’s a fun hobby or something you love and do together. That can be making music, skate boarding, or anything else that’s unique to your relationship.

20. Try Something New

One of the best part of getting married is making it a memorable day and what’s more memorable than the first time you try something new.

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