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10 Date Night Ideas

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Here we are a world changed my COVID-19 and it can be hard keeping the romance alive! Here are 10 date night ideas that are both quarantine friendly and post quarantine friendly whatever that might happen.

1. Picnic In The Park

So, simple and yet so under rated! One thing that has remained pretty constant this whole pandemic is most food places have remained opened. You can pick up some nice take out and go to a location park or if you’re in the Bay Area somewhere with a nice view.

You can also take it a step above and hire a picnic planner. Like Picnic N’ Chill I’m currently waiting to be taken on such a date. lol

2. Movie Night

Whether it be just in your house with perhaps a movie marathon. Especially on a rainy day or during quarantine a movie marathon or movie night with some cult classics like She’s the Man or Love and Basketball would be absolutely SOO much fun.

You could set something up on your TV or maybe if you have a projector and you could have a little setup. Or you could check maybe you’re local drive-in movie is still having showings. This is such a good way to get out of the house but still do something safe and fun.

3. Couples Photoshoot

This one may take some convincing to get your partner to go along with it. But, you don’t have to be engaged to get photos done. I know it’s crazy but this date night idea can happen during any part of your relationship.

Whether you’re dating or married I can help make this special for you. I hear all the time from couples how much fun they’re having! Or maybe you got married a while ago lets put that dress back on!!

One of the best parts of this experience with me is what I like to call the date-venture. This is a special photoshoot where we not only take photos but I also help host a date for you two lovebirds. Wanna learn more about it click here.

Want to know what it’s like to work with me? Check it out here!

4. Paint and Sip

Head to your local Walmart, Target, Michael’s or Hobby Lobby pick out some small canvases and some wine. Or literally just google it you can buy kits on Amazon, Etsy, or another place. They come with all of the supplies that you might need and the video to help.

This date night idea doesn’t require any actual art skill just the ability to have fun which is always the most important.

5. DIY Wine or Beer Tasting

Literally sign me up for this one right now!! Have you ever been to Total Wine and More or BevMo? Heck even Safeway!? There are literally soo many options and you’re always just looking for you fave. Well this is your chance to break out.

Head to your local store of choice and choose 3 to 5 beer or wines that you want to try. You and your partner can do this together. Or maybe you both do this separately and then you have 10 beers to try in total. Step out of the box and be ready to find a new favorite!

6. Game Night

I am such a competitive person and things like game can get me fired up! There’s are lots of games that are two person games or if you’re feeling comfortable you can invite a few friends over.

Check out games like Jenga, Bananagram, Unstable Unicorns, or Battleship!

7. Go for a Walk Together

This one of the only things that me and my gay bestie did when California was in a full on lockdown and honestly it was sooo nice. You get to connect with a person in a way you might have otherwise not been able to.

You’re getting exercise and you just get to talk about life and be present. It can be so refreshing. Try it and let me know!

8. Go for a Hike

This takes a walk up to the next level. Not going to lie no matter how in shape I might in I will only be out of breath on a hike. But, depending on where you live this might be a great opportunity to explore some place new right in your own backyard.

I know for me there are so many hikes in Marin next the ocean I have yet to try and this is just the perfect excuse.

9. Staycation

By even just changing where you are staying you can feel a greater connection. Book a cute Airbnb or maybe a really nice hotel room somewhere local.

I forget how many people come to San Francisco just to visit. And this is a perfect opportunity to appreciate your own backyard for the beautiful experience that it is. A great way to get out with still staying in.

10. Geocaching

The first time I went geocaching I was like 12 and my soccer team went after a tournament. Literally a world treasure hunt! SO MUCH FUN. If you’ve never been definitely recommend trying at least once. A true 10/10 experience.

More Date Night Ideas?

Do you have any more date night ideas?! I’d love to here them and either add them or may be create a whole new post! Let me know them below

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